Janurary 10th Live Stream Roundup: Moar on 2.6!

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During last Friday’s Trion live stream extravaganza, we found out all about RIFT 2.6. Faratha shared some information on Dream Weaving that we’ve already covered, but Simon and Faratha did mention a few new tidbits regarding the patch itself and other new features we’ll be seeing. Here’s what we found out:

  • 2.6 will add in the rest of the Crucia story arc. Specifically, we’ll be getting a new air saga questline that consists of four arcs that include over 30 new quests.
  • There’s also two new zone events that are part of the Crucia story arc– one fire and one water.
  • There’s a bounty system being added. From the looks of what’s on the PTS so far, this will allow players to hunt down certain enemies for turn-ins that will be located in Tempest Bay. There is a series of new achievements for bounties as well.
  • Faratha wants to add more goodies for guild dimensions in the future such as crafting stations, mailboxes, etc.
  • We’ll be getting new macro icons in 2.6 that are based off the raid icons.
  • We’ll be getting two more raid rifts and a new stronghold that includes a 5-man boss fight with three possible versions at level 30, 50, and 60.
  • We’re also getting something Simon called Bindings of Blood. Hmmm, sounds interesting!



Simon also talked quite a bit about Unstable Artifacts. Here are some interesting points:

  • Yes, there will be planar squirrel mounts for unstable artifact rewards.
  • There will be epic-quality artifacts.
  • There will be some new random items rewarded for completing unstable artifact sets. Some of these items are new dual-purpose goodies that can either be used as a dimension item or as a fun on-use toy that, for example, summons bees around a character’s head (shown above). These are not consumables.
  • These items will also be purchasable off the Trophy section of the RIFT Store (once you complete the artifact set) for alts or even friends.
  • Besides the bee effect, there’s one that summons butterflies, one that summons dragonflies, and one that summons spiders.
  • Other new artifact completion rewards just do fun little animations such as a bell that summons bats and a lightning tower. There’s also a pretty awesome dimension disco ball (shown below) with laser streamers that comes with an intractable control panel!
  • Speaking of fun items, we’ll also be getting little items that let us summon a herd of frogs (for 3 mins) and another that lets us turn into a frog (for 15 mins– not usable in instances/warfronts, sadly). Both can be used at once, and you can even fight/swim in frog form!
  • As a reward for collecting all of the planar squirrel mounts, we’ll get an item that lets us summon a herd of planar squirrel pets to follow us around.
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