Inactive Character Name Reset Coming

inactive name reset

After receiving a great deal of feedback regarding next week’s planned NA/EU shard merges and transfers, Trion told the RIFT community that the team would consider doing a character name reset to free up many names that have been inactive for quite some time. Last night, dahanese announced on the forums that Trion has decided to do just that. On October 23rd when the transfers occur, character names that have been inactive for a long time will be reset so players can have a greater pool of names to choose from when their characters transfer over.

Players will be receiving an email within the next couple of days if their names are at risk of being reset due to being inactive. They will then simply need to log in to keep those names. The exact time frame it takes to be considered inactive has not been announced yet.

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Originally posted by dahanese (Source)

We’ve been listening to a lot of your feedback these past couple days and I have some updates for you.

On Wednesday, October 23rd we are going to be resetting inactive character names to free them up for players headed onto new shards.

If one of your characters is going to be impacted by this change, you’ll be getting an email from us in the next day or two with instructions. If you are one of these inactive characters and want to keep your name, you’ll just need to log in with that character before October 23rd.

I also want to let you guys know that everyone who is transferring off a shard that is part of next week’s unification will be receiving a title denoting where they previously hailed from.

And as a final note: I want to personally thank everyone who has talked with me over the past couple days. I’ve had some great conversations and your words have been invaluable to both me and the entire team.

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