Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Adventure Guide

Since many of you seemed to enjoy the original Adventure mode guide, I figured I’d start working on one for the Master Quest. Once again, I’ll mostly be aiming for the unique rewards, like weapons and costumes. Character basics for the original cast should be learned from the previous guide, and the map is similar to the previous one, including reference materials (like the original map). As well, this guide assumes you completed the previous adventure mode, have unlocked the Master Sword and it’s true power, and raised your three new characters to at least level 35 (use those rupees or add +Rupees to your weapons). Oh, and obviously “spoilers” ahead.

Again, this guide assumes you used the previous one. If you have trouble with a boss, playing a character correctly, or something else (like farming locations to get badges), check my previous Adventure mode guide.

Master Quest Adventure Map

A10- Wizzro’s Rank 3 Ring.  Requires search and A ranking.

A11- Weapon Skin (8-bit Candle for the Magic Rod) for Link. Requires search and A ranking.

A15- Costume for Volga(Brown). Requires search.

A16- Cia’s Rank 2 Scepter. Requires search and A ranking.

B2- Cia’s Rank 3 Scepter. Requires search and A ranking.

B10- Weapon Skin (8-bit white sword) for Zelda. Requires search and A ranking.

B12- Volga’s rank 2 Dragon Spear. Requires search and A ranking.

B14- Costume for Darunia (Ghost of Darmani color scheme). Requires search.

C2- Weapon Skin (8-bit silver arrow) for Fi. Requires search and A ranking.

C5- Costume for Fi (White and Black). Requires search.

C9- Costume for Sheik (Black). Requires search.

C14- Costume for Ruto (Lulu’s color scheme). Requires search.

D1- Weapon Skin (8-bit arrow) for Ghirahim. Requires search and A ranking.

D5- Wizzro’s Rank 2 Ring. Requires search and A ranking.

D6- Costume for Ghirahim (Black). Requires search.

D8- Costume for Zelda (Hilda’s color scheme). Requires search and A ranking.

D11- Costume for Zant (Red). Requires search and A ranking.

D12- Costume for Midna (Red). Requires search and A ranking.

D13- Weapon Skin (8-bit ladder) for Sheik. Requires search and A ranking.

E7- Costume for Impa (Red). Requires search.

F5- Costume for Wizzro (Blue). Requires search.

F12- Costume for Agitha (Black). Search the overworld and use a candle on the tree marked below, then complete the mission.


F15- Costume for Lana (Cia’s color scheme). Search the overworld and use digging mitts on the obvious “X,” then complete the mission.

G3- Costume for Cia (Link’s Color Scheme). Requires search.

G6- Weapon Skin (8-bit boomerang for the Giant’s Sword) for Impa.Requires search and A ranking.

G9- Costume for Link (Purple Hero’s Clothes). Search the overworld and use a candle on the “D” pictured below, then complete the mission.



G13- Volga’s Rank 3 Dragon Spear. Requires search and A ranking.

H2- Costume for Ganondorf (Bronze Armor). Requires search.

H12- Weapon Skin (8-bit magic book for the book) for Lana. Requires search and A ranking.


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