Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode Map Guide

So I mentioned at the end of my review that I might make you guys a map for Hyrule Warriors.  I sadly have a day job that competes with my gameplaying duties (I have to pay the bills somehow!), so it’s not complete, but I do have enough information that should really help you guys get started.

This guide is only for the more unique rewards, like character and general weapon unlocks, not skulltulas, heart containers, or weapon upgrades. To note, search in this guide means you use the “X” button on the over world map to interact with the square mentioned in the guide. I’d also like to thank Citizen Napoleon for her videos which made some of this work easier on me! Also, this guide may be used on GameFAQs by Denngar as part of a walk-through (if that happens, I’ll link the walk-through). I’ll try to update this guide as I find more or others contact me. For those curious about other characters, they can be unlocked through  the game’s Legend Mode.




C3- Unlock Zant (Character). Use the “search” option on the overworld. Use a digging glove on the “X” on the ground. Then beat the level as you normally would.

D7- Unlock Agitha (Character). You’ll need to search the area then choose to throw a water bomb card at the rock off the shore. Then beat the level as normal.

E9- Silver Gauntlets- weapon for Link. There’s an “I” shaped set of trees here. On the left side of that “I” on the top left tree where the vertical column meets the horizontal row, use a candle (or use a compass to see what I’m talking about). That will reveal a staircase, which unlocks the reward.

E10- Unlock Princess Ruto (Character). You’ll need the Power Bracelet card (one can be found at D10), search the area, lift the rock, then complete the mission at E10 the mission.

G9- Nagita weapon for Impa. Just clear the level.

G3- Unlock Ghirahim (Character). Use the “search” option on the overworld. There is a long column of trees going from the top to the bottom of the screen. Use a candle on the first single tree below where the column starts to become pairs of trees. Then just complete the level.

H1- Great Fairy weapon (practically a new character) for Link. I heard it’s rough just getting to that square from H2, so try this video. Once you’ve gotten to H1, use a water arrow on the ring of fire and complete the mission.

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