Guild Wars 2: Anniversary Sale and Feature Pack Updates

In preparation for Guild Wars 2′s second anniversary, the Black Lion Trading Company is having a special 10-day sale with various discounted and limited-availability items from August 22nd-31st. Be sure to check out for details, as new deals will be added daily.

Read on for updates on the September 2014 Feature Pack.

September 2014 Feature Pack

If you’ve missed out on any of the updates, a full list of feature pack posts can be found here. The latest updates include new features surrounding commander tags and the upcoming WvW tournament.

No longer will you have to drop a whopping 100 gold on a commander tag, as they are going account bound next month. The price will be increased to 300 gold for a tag, but you’ll now be able to access it on any characters you have on your account. Commander tags are also being sold in purple.

Ok, maybe not. But they’ve added a nice customization feature that will allow you to toggle your tag between blue, yellow, red and purple.

There is no additional cost for existing commanders, so players that already have a tag on one or more characters will be grandfathered into this without having to shell out the additional gold.

Starting September 12th, there will also be a WvW tournament. There will be some changes, including the lack of posttransfer lockouts and the addition of reward structure. Read here for more details.

Happy gaming!

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