Final Fantasy XIV: Tokyo Game Show 2014

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who attended this past weekend’s Tokyo Game Show were treated to a preview of the upcoming patch content coming to live servers. Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, showed the eager fans the first trailer for the patch as well as some in-game footage of the new dungeon coming. On top of that, he also showed off the upcoming Rogue and Ninja class as well as the arena players will enter when facing off against Shiva.

While there is little to no narration to some of these videos, the trailer is only in Japanese which still makes these videos quite accessible if you don’t know the language. So let’s go ahead and take a look as to what we have in store for the upcoming changes in Patch 2.4: Dreams Of Ice!


New & Old Dungeons

One of the first things fans were shown was actually some of the new dungeon content coming to the game. While there is only one brand new dungeon being added, there are two others being redone for a hard mode. The brand new dungeon, Snowcloak, seems to be fitting in with what the patch will be revolving around. While watching the video, you feel a sense of gloom and doom as they go through the snowy landscape that will be for what I presume to be the setup to the primal fight with Shiva. The other two dungeons that were shown were a hard mode of Satasha and The Sunken Temple Of Qarn. While it is unknown if there will be anything new added to these, there are only four remaining dungeons from 1.0 that have not seen a hard mode yet.


New Primal: Shiva

This is something that players have been waiting for. While there wasn’t much shown off as to how this will play out storywise, what we did get to see is the arena we will be fighting her in which is called “The Ahk Afah Amphitheatre”. Judging by the video, it looks as if we will have to climb down to avoid a massive AoE among other possibilities. For me, this was the highlight of everything that was shown to us this weekend. I have never been this excited for a primal fight since the relaunch of 2.0. The only downside to this fight is that will be made into two different difficulties: Hard mode and Extreme Mode, which could  be a problem for some of the new players wanting to get into this fresh content.


New Class/Job

While previously shown at a past Live Producer’s Letter, they started to show off what the combat and actions would look like for both the Rogue and Ninja classes. While it does seem interesting, I’m still a little worried as to how these will play in a live setting. At this time, there is no known information as to any of the abilities either class has or what the stats will be for either. This is something I will have to wait and try out before committing to play as an alt.


Wrap Up!

While there is quite certainly a long list of things coming to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with patch 2.4, I wanted to cover what I thought were going to be some of the bigger points. As per usual, we are getting more quests added to the main scenario, the final Coil Of Bahamut, and more to the Hilldibrand side story. To really wrap this all up, it seems that Square Enix knows what the fans want and they are going to deliver just that. I, for one, am really hoping to get some time into this patch before the chaos of the Fan Festival begins and I will be covering for here at Junkies Nation! So, with all this information, what do you think of patch 2.4′s future content? Is it going to be something you’re looking for or will they be losing your sub? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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