FFXIV: Notable Features in Patch 2.38

Patch 2.38 was released in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a couple of days ago (September 15th to be exact. I got the date wrong in my previous article– sorry about that!). So, what did Patch 2.38 bring us? Here are the Patch Notes if you haven’t checked them out yet. Alternatively, here’s a quick rundown of what new activities there are to do and what notable changes this patch brought us:

Here are some of new features you can take part in until Patch 2.4 comes out:

  • New chapter of Saga of the Zodiac weapons came out, allowing you to modify your Relic weapon further and upgrade it to ilvl 115.
  • More Delivery Moogle quests. Hopefully they give us something better than a Mini Mole this time (I doubt it, though).
  • If you’re fed up with FC people taking all the spots in the garden, or shuffling furniture, or you have never liked the location of your FC House in the first place, you can now buy your own land in the Residential Area. It is a bit pricey– 4-5 mil for Small Houses, 30-37.5 mil for Medium Houses, and 70-87.5 mil for Large Houses– but you can have it all for yourself. Most Small Houses, if not all, were gone as soon as the servers went up, however.
  • Ramuh Extreme no longer requires a pre-made 8-man party to enter. Enjoy your new ilvl 110 accessories, if you can beat the old man, of course. The fight still needs a lot of communication to win.
  • Syrcus Tower will drop Sand of Time. Unidentified Allagan Tomes and Oil of Time will be dropped from both Amon and Xande. So, enjoy the grind for ilvl 110 gears.

Hopefully that will keep you occupied until next patch.

Next, let’s talk about some notable changes:

  • Equipping Relic Novus and Relic Nexus (new ilvl 115 Relic weapons) will give you a chance to get Alexandrite from FATE farming. I’m not sure whether the drop rate is higher than when using Relic Animus, but I doubt it and I don’t really think it’s worth the farm.
  • Some new craftable glasses were added for our glamour sets.
  • You can now ride a mount in the Residential Area (yay *applauses*).
  • You can view your chocobo’s details from the stable.
  • Cleric Stance can no longer be used in PvP.
  • PvP actions are automatically equipped when you change jobs.
  • You can now put the rest of the Yukata gear from the Moonfaire Festival event into the Armory (at long last).
  • Crafting recipes can now be placed on hotbars.
  • The Teleport Interface is more user-friendly.
  • You can now compare a piece of equipment with one that you’re wearing.
  • An option for Visual Alert was added, enabling players to see a visualized representative of sound: Blue – Background music, Red – System alert, Green – Sound effects, ambient sound, voices.

And lastly (but possibly the best thing that happened in 2.38), we can now /hug and /slap other players. YAY! :D

Enjoy 2.38 and check out those new /cpose emotes for all the classes. Here’s my favorite:

ffxiv patch 2.38 cpose

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