Destiny: Are the Updates Living Up to the Promises?

Activision long ago gave promise that Destiny was set to be a franchise that would stick around for a long time. More specifically, 10 years worth of support. Have actions been taken on this ambitious commitment? In short, yes.

There have been a total of three patches and several hot fixes towards Bungie’s new game within the first month alone. Bungie has been paying very close attention to the our feedback and fixed in-game exploits such as the infamous loot cave. The gist of most hot fixes have been minor improvements towards the client. For example, better connectivity towards Destiny‘s servers, change in respawn timers, loot drop changes, etc. Here’s a full list of hot fixes made in more detail:

Hot Fix 1

Hot Fix 2

Hot Fix 3

As far as actual patches to the game– required downloadable updates– Bungie has significantly changed the engram system for the better. Before, a legendary (purple) engram had a chance of being decrypted into less extraordinary gear. For example, a legendary engram had a chance of being decrypted into rare (blue) or uncommon (green) loot. The chances of legendary engrams are already scarce to begin with, then to make the player roll the dice again after finally obtaining a legendary engram seemed cruel. 

With the most recent patch to Destiny, legendary engrams will now always produce a legendary quality item or higher. Other changes made in the patches have been minor, though. Here are the links to all patches in detail:

Patch 1.0.1


Patch 1.0.2

It seems that Bungie isn’t afraid to reverse some of their decisions made to the final product. From an MMO’s perspective, It’s good to see a game actually making significant changes to the gameplay from the user’s feedback this early on. Bungie has even announced more upcoming changes that are currently in development. Right now, players can only use voice communication with other players in the same party; no talking with strangers in matchmaking. Very silly. This is one of the few things that Bungie has mentioned that they’re going to change soon with a patch.

Here are some highlights from Destiny‘s Dev Notes:

  • Toning down the difficulty of some Strikes to feel less like a grind.
  • Modifying certain Exotic Weapons to be more powerful.
  • Weapon balancing, specifically Auto Rifles, Scout Rifles, & Shotguns.

For full details, here’s a link to Destiny’s Dev Notes.

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