Conquest: Steppes of Infinity Coming Soon

steppes of infinity angry sky

During one of Daglar’s recent forum posts regarding changes he’d like to see made for PvP in RIFT, he mentioned the fact that the team is planning to add another map for Conquest. Yesterday he announced what map we’re going to be seeing as well as some details regarding its arrival. It seems the angry skies of Steppes of Infinity will be our next Conquest playground. This new mode is likely to arrive on the Player Test Shard for us to check out this Thursday. The team is shooting for Conquest: Steppes of Infinity to reach live shards sometime after the 2.5 update, but this date hasn’t been set in stone yet.

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Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

Shooting for a release some time during 2.5 (but likely not at the initial launch).

I’ve pushed the rough draft for this up onto the test branch, that means it will likely be available on Thursday.

Objectives in the rough draft:
Take charges from Fort Brevo to Fort Antapo (and the reverse) to score points for your team. You must use the charges on one of multiple extractors (non attackable) to gain points – this can be interrupted.

This is the only current scoring mechanism, though others may be added as it is iterated on.

Current next stage trigger (timed phase) is currently only begun via kills though other methods such as score values being reached will likely be added. Final phase is once again a free for all of destroy foci and gain bonus loot / spawn a boss.

I expect some jankiness and oddities as with all things on the PTS.

I’ll be scheduling a playtest for some time next week, though once its up, feel free to hop in.

Later in the thread, Daglar also confirmed that this map of Conquest will still feature the current 3-faction system and will not be a siege map at all. Conquest will still very much be Conquest on the new map, but players will now be able to mix up the scenery a bit.

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