Changes to Mayhem “First 25″ Achievements

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RIFT‘s Mayhem in Mathosia events (like the one starting today!) are supposed to be events that take us back to the old world and encourage us to band together and search out zone events– and therefore goodies and achievements– as a group. The mentoring system helps with this sort of cooperation, of course, but there’s also the fact that since the temporary events add in new achievements and RIFT Store rewards, there are a lot of players who want to take part. This is a good thing most of the time, except when it comes to Mayhem achievements like the ones that showed up on the PTS earlier this week.

There are a handful of achievements for the Mayhem event beginning today that will be rewarded to the first 25 players who complete the quest that’s a part of each of the event’s phases (see title image). These achievements will award Crucia’s Supply Crates, and according to the PTS data– we also thought they were supposed to reward players with achievement points. Now, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that there are going to be a whole lot of players who are unable to grab these achievements.

MikeD announced on the forums yesterday that these achievements, are, in fact, not supposed to reward achievement points. Keep reading for more information and some general thoughts on the addition of these achievements.

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The “first 25″ achievements will have their points reduced to 0 in the next build (probably Wednesday). They’re intended as a bonus to the existing Mayhem activities (completing zone events for chances at rare rewards), not a requirement, so they shouldn’t have had points attached.

I realize many are concerned that these are exclusionary in nature, but they can also be seen as bonuses intended to attract a wider audience and generate bursts of activity at the phase changes. However, your concerns are certainly valid, and if there are unintended consequences we’ll adjust as needed.

This is good news. The achievements themselves, however, seem to be a bit of an odd addition to a mini world event that focuses on world combat, cooperative grouping, and dynamic group events. “World first” competition definitely has its place in an MMORPG, but many players feel that Mayhem events are not really the right time or place to encourage players to compete against one another and exclude others from joining public groups, etc., in order to compete over completing these quests that require items farmed from cooperative zone events. Many players feel this will ultimately cause problems, even without the hope of gaining a few more achievement points out of the deal.

It can also be argued that the event itself as well as the new rewards, multiple, unique phases, and other achievements are reasons enough to attract that “wider audience” that MikeD references above. What do you think about these “first 25″ achievements? Is competition of this nature always welcome, or does it need specific situations and/or gameplay settings?

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