Celebrate Trion’s PC Gaming Week with Squirrels

squirrel mount limited time

You may have noticed the squirrel mounts this weekend. Okay, scratch that. There was no possible way anyone could miss the cuteness of the squirrel mounts. They’re top-of-the-line cuteness, and come in two varieties– RIFT Store-bought, and RIFT Store lockbox-bought. It turns out that Credits really can buy cuteness!

Anyways. Enough about squirrels. Besides the need to celebrate the Trion art team’s obvious mad mount designing skills, Trion wanted to start this week off with a bang that began this past weekend. Why the celebration? RIFT‘s on Steam now! To celebrate, Trion is holding a week-long PC gaming event in both Defiance and RIFT.

For RIFTers, this means squirrels, naturally, but it also means Tier 1 raid trinkets/accessories can be found inside “Regulos’s Trove” lockboxes that are the same ones the black squirrel mount drops from. There are also limited time Tier 1 rings available and a 20% bonus to Player XP, Planar Attunement XP, Guild XP, Favor, Prestige, Dungeon Currency, Planarite, and Zone Event Currency. These bonuses stack with other boosts/buffs.

These bonuses and special items will stick around until Friday, November 1st.

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