BioWare Announces Shadow Realms, an Online Action RPG

After a couple weeks of fun email teasers, BioWare finally announced yesterday what the heck we’ve all been chosen for– a brand new online action RPG in development called Shadow Realms. Shadow Realms will be a 4v1 story-driven ARPG with dynamic co-op elements in a world that’s going to evolve as it takes shape.

As hinted in the video clips we’ve seen as well as in the full live action trailer below, Shadow Realms will take place in a modern day setting where players are pulled into a dark realm where magic and powerful weaponry rule the day (or night, since it’s dark and all?) against demonic denizens and supernatural creatures. Curious where the 4v1 part comes in? Players will team up and go against Shadowlord, a player-controlled super-enemy.

Since it is BioWare we’re talking about, the game will, of course, feature choice-based storytelling elements. They’ll be dished out in an episodic format. New episodes will be released regularly and change the story’s direction. Like most ARPGs, players will have a myriad of ways to customize their characters and their ability sets. Abilities are independent from a player’s chosen class.

Players can sign up to potentially receive Closed Alpha access here.

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