Autumn Harvest 2013 is Spookily Approaching!

autumn harvest 2013 RJ header

Ready to get your Halloween on? RIFT has plenty of new goodies headed our way for Autumn Harvest this year, and an early preview of many items and achievements is currently previewing on the Public Test Shard. If you’ll remember from last year, RIFT‘s first introduction of Autumn Harvest offered some nifty rewards (and a whole bunch of artifact chasing!), but it was rather bare-bones as far as achievements and Halloween-themed items went. That has all changed this year, and Trion’s upped the the fun in a lot of ways. For starters, we’re going to be seeing new costumes, masks, pets, mounts, activities, achievements, and some rather fun potions and serums.

If you’ll recall from an official live stream a little while ago, we’re going to be getting a very cool Reaper mount and a collection of unique Halloween masks. Neither are on the PTS just yet (except for the pumpkin masks), but many of the other new Autumn Harvest items including new pets, achievements, novelty items, fun consumables, and dimension items are.

For a detailed preview and a whole bunch of screenshots, follow this link to Junkies Nation.

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