ArcheAge: Trion Live Stream Summary & Tips for Head Start

Yesterday Trion Worlds presented the last  ArcheAge live stream before Head Start which begins on Friday 10am PDT (GMT -7).

Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry, Producer Victoria “Firecait” Voss, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes”  Berman shared the following in this live stream, emphasizing meetings taking place with XLGames employees today currently at the Redwood Office to discuss everything ArcheAge:


  • The Marketplace will be available at the start of Head Start
  • Labor Point Potions (Workers Compensation) will have a 12hr cooldown
  • Costumes will have stats removed and will be vanity items only
  • Character slot expansions will be available from the start, for 1000 credits per character slot

Auction House

  • Free-to-play players can buy AH listings via the Marketplace or on the Auction House
  • Everyone can purchase from the Auction House
  • Listing is not shared, you need to unlock it for every character

ArcheAge Patron Exchange

  • APEX is a tradeable item bought for real money that is exchanged for credits or cash points. It can be used to buy items from the Marketplace and can be sold to other players in game
  • APEX pricing is identical to RIFT: $ 10 for 1250 credits
  • 30-day patron pass requires 2 APEX: 2 x $ 10 leaving you with $ 5 to spend on the Marketplace

Loyalty & Patron

  • Loyalty Tokens are not shared on EU & NA continents; they are separate
  • Patron pricing is the same as RIFT: $ 15 per month
  • Your patron period starts the moment you log in whether in Head Start or launch

Labor Points

  • Everyone will start with 0 labor points


  • Database statistics have been analyzed and it has been found that Archeum drops are not high enough. Adjustments will be made
  • Archeum Crates on the Marketplace are intended as a BONUS, not a main way to drop Archeum


  • Housing will be available at the start of Head Start
  • There is no limit on how many houses you can own. Taxes will increase exponentially after 3 PER ACCOUNT – not per character
  • You can craft your own tax certificate– get it off the loyalty store or from the Marketplace


  • Have been normalized in ability to be used as a vanity item with the stats of the mount you choose
  • Donkey and Cow mounts will remain the same in the lower tier of abilities


  • Fishing boats were accidentally removed and will be replaced

Healing Weapons

  • Clubs are being added as a healing item class reward some time after launch

Founder Packs

  • As soon as the game launches on September 16th, Founder’s Packs will be removed and starter packs will be added
  • Founder perks will only be sent to your first 6 characters
  • Only your first character will receive the Daru chests and crest brainstorm

Launch Servers & Characters

    Will be the same 8 servers from open beta on NA and EU. These will be the only servers until further notice
  • Servers have been reset to prepare for Head Start
  • Auroria will be unavailable until further notice
  • You will only be able to have 2 characters per server to begin with: 4 per server maximum, 6 in total PER continent. (NA & EU) will become available later

Downloading Launch Server

  • Launch build is the open beta build so it’s already available for everyone. Any updates will be done as patches

Future Patches/Resets for EU & NA

  • Head Start begins at the same time for both continents. Launch will occur at times suitable for the continent
  • Bi-weekly restarts may occur if needed to keep servers healthy at times suitable for the continent. These will be announced on the ArcheAge official forums


    IP Check: location verification security added to the Glyph client
  • Chat filters are being improved continuously. Unwanted blocks will be less common
  • Chat system kicks spammers
  • In-game system also checks for kill rates. Players that kill too much stuff for too long they will be put on a list. A human will review the list and kick/ban where needed/justified
  • Character deletion cooldown: It scales from 10 mins (level 1-10) to  24 hours (level 11-30) to seven days (level 31-50)
  • The reporting bot system is in place as mentioned here @Junkies Nation

Other subjects also being bought up with XLGames include but are not limited to the skill queue, windowed borderless mode, PvP flagging, and inverted mouse which Trion hopes to implement at later dates.


Tips for Head Start:

  • You may already download Head Start as it is technically the open beta server– Any updates will be via a patch
  • You will only be able to make 2 characters per server to begin with (6 in total on one continent)
  • The first 6 characters created receive the Founder’s Pack rewards
  • Your first character only receives the crest brainstorm and Daru chests. The items in Daru chest are tradeable
  • Open beta servers are the launch servers where you may have already saved character customization sets
  • Bag space should be a priority for any good ArcheAge player – 130 credits per extra slot for private bank, 100 credits per extra slot for warehouse bank
  • Tag quests are the most difficult to accomplish with busy servers. Joining a guild/raid to quest can be very helpful
  • Doing just storyline quests in a raid is the fastest way to get enough Gilda and get your first house plans to claim land in your chosen area

North America

  • Aranzeb
  • Naima
  • Kyrios
  • Ollo
  • Tahyang
  • Salphira


  • Shatigon
  • Kyprosa
  • Eanna
  • Dahuta

Need a Guild?

  • ArcheAge: Official Forums 
  • ArcheAge: Reddit
  • ArcheAge Fansite: ArcheAge Guildex

Hopefully by now you will know what faction and class you will enjoy most and have stocked up the pantry and fridge with time allotted to hug loved ones in between levels!

Have any more questions? Check out the Official Archeage FAQ or let us know in comments below!

Have fun all, and see you out there enjoying ArcheAge! #HeadstartHYPE

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