ArcheAge: Open Beta Patch Notes – Archeum Drops, AFK Kick, & Content Exclusions

Open Beta begins today for ArcheAge with 4.7′s Patch Notes going in early for everyone to update well in advance. See below for the patch notes.

On a more personal note, I’m still fondly recalling the end of ArcheAge Alpha last weekend, especially the small montage of bosses spawned in the most auspicious places. Cheers to everyone who knocked me around with their cars and the brilliant gift box wardrobe helm chuckles!

See you all in Open Beta which begins at 10am PDT!




  •  Farm Cart: A new type of player-crafted wagon has been added that carries two resource packs to fill the gap between the donkey and the larger Farm Wagon. It also comes with a horn for maximum beepage.
  •  AFK Kick has been implemented: Characters will be logged out after 45 minutes of [Away] status. Characters who are in the middle of crafting or fishing should not be kicked.
  •  Auction House: All accounts have the ability to bid on and win auctions by default. The ability to post auctions on the Auction House is unlocked in one of two ways:
    – Accounts that are under Patron status, or have had Patron in the past, have permanent access to post auctions.z
    – Accounts that have never had Patron status can unlock the permanent ability to post auctions by consuming the Auction License item on any character.



  • The drop rate of Sunlight Archeum has been increased, and we will be evaluating the levels of Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight Archeum for further drop rate adjustments.
  • Quest rewards no longer consume Labor points when identifying them.
  • Mana consumption at lower levels has been reduced (this is a change made as part of Korea version 1.7 that is being included in our build).
  • Mounts have been standardized into speed tiers – 9.0m/s and 10.0m/s – with the exception of Donkeys, which retain their existing speeds (7.2m/s unencumbered).
  • The Skills UI now only displays the skills available with the level 50 cap.
  • Updated the contents of the Explorer’s Chest and Merchant’s Chest (obtained through Loyalty Tokens) to remove Hereafter Stones from the reward list… and added some other new goodies.
  • Crafted “dye” items that used to function as both crafting components and costume dyes now function as crafting components only.
  • Reduced the amount of Honor granted from Rift daily quests.
  • Tempering Burnish item price increased to 10 gold.



  • Updated icons for Marketplace and Marketplace Mail.
  • Fixed the display of degree, minute, and second markers on Treasure Maps.
  • Polishing work on French and German versions: Fixing some cut-off words on the UI, fixing character name length restrictions (2 to 26 characters allowed).
  • Fixed a case where some map tooltips displayed in French while the client was in German mode.
  • Fixed a bug where accounts with zero credit balance could not spend Loyalty Tokens.


We’d like to extend a thank-you for helping to test the below features in earlier Alpha and Beta phases. In keeping with the pacing of ArcheAge releases in other regions, the following has been set up for launch and will be unlocked over time:

  • Auroria and Diamond Shores content is unavailable. NPCs and interactable objects have been disabled, houses and farms cannot be placed, and castle locations are currently un-claimable.
  • The Mirage Isle Fishing Tournament and Arena Rankings are not currently running.
  • Submarines are unavailable for crafting at this time.
  • The Red Dragon is temporarily on vacation from Karkasse Ridgelands.
  • Hasla weapons beyond the first tier will be available in a future update.



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