ArcheAge: Open Beta Marketplace Changes & Archeum Founder’s Pack Review

ArcheAge‘s Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman flew into the forums yesterday with Marketplace changes highlighting the validity and understanding given to players who have been testing content through alpha and closed beta. In a sandbox MMORPG that relies heavily on crafting to conquer content, comparing the store to Trion Worlds’ other popular MMORPG RIFT , this move makes sense to me now that crafting items have been removed from the store and ArcheAge currently does not reward Patrons daily like it does in RIFT.



Heroic Limited Edition: Skybound Housewarming Gift

It is very welcoming that non-founders get a chance to purchase these Limited Edition crates which are equivalent to the Daru Chest in the Archeum Founder’s Pack to start leveling on a well-nourished note, receiving food and potions for yourself as well as your pet with a chance at a green-feathered Hope Glider.


Heroic Archeum Supply Crate

Opening 6 boxes: 3 Starlight Archeum Crystals and 4 Starlight Archeum Dust (5 dust makes 1 shard, 5 crystals make 1 essence) were received.
This equates at a cost of 420 per box x6 credits totaling 2520 credits.
1 Apex is 1250 credits. 2 Apex = $ 20 dollars (still 20 credits short– may have to buy a third Apex).

The cost of Apex is calculated here using the RIFT store price of Rex as recommended in a Trion Worlds’ livestream by ArcheAge‘s Manager Victoria “FireCait” Voss. However, we will confirm this as soon as more information becomes available.

The type of dust varies, but after discussions with others it seems we all received one kind after opening numerous boxes in a short period of time. We look forward to testing if this is ballpark when the credits are in more supply, but more importantly– I don’t know about you, but spending $ 20 to get approx. 3 or 4 crystals does not appeal to me. Getting 1 or 2 because of the RNG (random number generator) factor would blow this mind as well as this bank, especially with so many other exciting store items to invest in that would add more enjoyment to my game than a minimal number of Archeum.

The Worker’s Compensation: Potions that restore 200 labor with a lowered cooldown now at 4 hours and Arcane Red Regrade Charm both were far more exciting, especially since they’re tradeable or sellable on the Auction House.


Archeum Founder’s Pack Review

archeage OB glider

The Glass Phoenix Glider available in the Archeum Founder’s Pack is super sexy and everything else is a bonus with the Desert Assassin’s Platemail (previewed below) outfit draping in that eye-catching way that ArcheAge lures us all in with along with a cloak and crest making ink to put your personal stamp on ArcheAge as soon as you get to a mailbox to pick this all up. Those 10 Hereafter Stones are invaluable. Get used to wanting to have as many of them as possible so you can can travel freely to Auroria and back!

archeage 1


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Thank you @AeonAuron for the “Almighty  Daru” screenshot sent to my twitter and featured in this article!

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