ArcheAge: Leveling Guide Levels 1-10 East Harani Battlerage

Greetings, Junkies, Vitality here. In this article we’re taking a look at the Harani starting zone focusing on rushing through to level 10 and obtaining our small farm with enough gold to plant stuff all in under an hour and a half. If you aren’t leveling a Harani, you can also check out my speed leveling guides for the Firran starting zone, the Elf starting zone, and the Nui starting zone.

Let’s jump in with the setup:

  •  Load previously saved character customization data file
  •  Choose Battlerage for its intrinsic area of effect (AoE) attack built into its starting ability Triple Slash
  •  Re-bind UI assets most notably to have the bow attack hotkeyed, and optionally set your strafe keys up if you’re used to them being A and D (Pro Tip: Set Shift+A and Shift+D up too if you use a shift modifier for other things like attacks and stuff like I do. If you don’t your character will not respond to your movement commands while shift is held down).

Levels 1 – 7: Faulty Ore Detectors and Iron Ore

Ore Detectors are located very closely to the initial zone in. These were chosen for their ease of area of effect setup and relatively quick spawn rates. Towards the south end of the starting area there’s a gigantic field of Iron ore nodes that you can periodically chain-harvest for increased leveling speed and very valuable materials.

  • As a Battlerage you can do max pulls of up to 8 FODs at a time
  • Their respawn timers are dynamically triggered based on density
  • They drop Farmers Coin Purses like crazy
  • Fast TTK (time to kill) and minimal downtime
  • FODs stop giving XP at level 7 (but remain the best effective XP/min until level 8)

As a Battlerage you will have a huge advantage here, being able to administer a frontal cone AE on the third swing of your Triple Slash. The cone finisher takes a bit of getting used to positioning-wise as it’s damage is allocated locally in relation to your target.

Tab/click target through all the foes and launch an arrow, up to 8. Be sure not to go over the 8 monster maximum or they’ll trigger a Gathering buff which will reduce the damage they take by 80%.

Bunch them up and spam that Triple Slash. You can hold the hotkey down and the game will repeat the action so you don’t mess your hand up right out of the gate. Take advantage of the game’s auto-target nearest feature too with this function.

What the heck are dynamically localized spawn timers?

Kill a certain amount in a certain area and they’ll repopulate quicker, so we focus our efforts on one particular spot of eight FODs in sets of four to set up a cyclical pulling structure.

Do back to back pulls until your mana runs low then loot all the coin purses. Non-XP gaining functions like looting or UI adjustments etc should be done during this low-mana downtime period. This includes opening coin purses too as you’ll need at least 85 silver by the time you’re done.

Estimated time to get from levels 1-7 and average 75 coin purses (~1.5 gold): 30 – 35 minutes depending on local player density (Iron ore gains vary on labor usage).

Levels 7 – 10: Story Quests, Buying a weapon, and Redmane Gnolls!

Story quests are most easily recognizable by their green exclamation point as opposed to the yellow ones scattered everywhere. The importance here is that they reward you with Gilda Stars. You’re going to need as many Gilda Stars as you can get your hands on come day one. They’re the base currency for purchasing property and other similar amenities (among many other uses).

We’d be crazy to pass up early opportunities at easy Gilda Stars, especially considering the story quests in this area are just straight up pathetic fast and easy.

• Pro Tip: Blaze it down the road but don’t skip the movement speed boosting Plasma Charge! Activating dash will cancel the speed buff. Keep that in mind.

Since you simply need to pick up the green quests and talk to the next person down the road, these aren’t very difficult at all. We won’t go into too much detail about them.

Make your way to the weaponsmith in town, which is fairly close to the next story quest turn in. Pick up a level 8 two-handed weapon with the money you earned from the coin purses. This will cut the TTK of the Elementals in half.

Head East. Once you get far enough down the road you’ll see a bounty board with a yellow axe icon over it. Pick this quest up. You’ll notice it’s for Redmane Gnolls, our next grinding target.

Now, make your way north of the quest board to the camp of Gnolls. Take note though, these guys aren’t as easy as the FODs. You’ll have to take your time here getting into a rotation and you won’t really be able to AoE farm these. Typically these will go down in two auto attacks and two triple slashes. I use charge here to increase clear speed as these are fairly weak. Redmane Gnoll leaders take a bit more effort to kill but award you with double the normal monster XP and a guaranteed coin purse.

Kill Redmane Gnoll Leaders all the way to level 10.

Estimated total completion time of 55 – 70 minutes total (30-35 for FODs 30-35, for Gnolls).

Small Farm Quest Time!

Bust your butt northeast to Tigerspine Mountains: Anvilton. Hit the book in town and bind yourself there. The run should take about 5 minutes. At the fork in the road near Anvilton you’ll see a public farm.

archeage harani east farm

There’s a Farmer NPC there with a green plant icon over his head. This is the start of the Small Farm quest chain. You’ll have to gather water at the well nearby, water some corn, buy a potato eye from the seed vendor, and plant it. You’ll then have to run to the Auction House vendor to the west and back. Presto! Small farm designs, wood, tax certificates.

After you get your small farm, the guy will send you to talk to another NPC to show you how to plant your farm down on the land. Don’t bother with that just yet. Instead, go grab some choice land!

Be sure to click this and check out the VOD I put up on my channel demonstrating this guide!

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