ArcheAge: Giving Credit to Customization

If you are like many MMORPG players who love to customize your game from character creation to wardrobe, ArcheAge is the game for you. Not only have XLGAMES presented some incredibly beautiful artwork before you even log in, but they’ve teamed up with Trion to mold the Western marketplace experience into one where players see an onslaught of mounts, gliders, and wardrobe items that make this animation addict giddy with excitement.

Alpha Update July 29th

The alpha store added new store items!

archeage beta 2 marketplace

Riding High 

Last week’s closed beta introduced more glider choices along with elegant wardrobe attire and items to apply crests (previewed above) which had only been available for your ships and capes previously. This week 3 styles of mounts were added (previewed below) in a variety of colors which are continent specific. This leads me to believe we will see many mounts in true Trion style which is something adored by many in RIFT.

JN AA2 5JN AA2 4

Summertime Street Cred

It appears the flavor for Summer in ArcheAge is youthful and casual with bold color choices and sleek dyes (previewed below with crest applications) to mix and match further. From accessories that include hats and bracelets to shoes as casual as flip flops to fancy high heels– yes, I was delighted at the Kiwi Splash wardrobe items shown in this article’s feature image with the Spring Breeze glider.

JN AA2 6JN AA2 7

How to Change the Look of Your Wardrobe

Fusion Alembic as shown in the picture with the dyes toward the top of the article is the item needed to fuse the look of an Image Item with a Stat Item you would like to keep. By going to the Blacksmith and selecting H you will be prompted to enter the items in question. From what we can show you so far (to the right), you need 5 Fusion Alembic to complete the customization of a glider, the item with the blue flower being the one that slots into “Image Item.”

Be warned you will lose the Image Item upon fusion so choose wisely. We checked to see if there was any way to otherwise obtain an Image Item, and it appears you used to be able to by acquiring 6 Star Cakes from the Fairmoon Potion Stand but this most likely has been removed with the store’s addition. Feel free to let us know if this crucial vanity item can be crafted in the comments below and we’ll check it out!

JN AA2 12

Sunny day fun in ArcheAge! PUMPED for this week’s beta!


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