ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 2 Announced

Transparent seems to be the trend of gaming developers mid 2014 and it is exciting to see.

Trion Worlds is no exception to this rule as they bring us the next closed beta testing  announcement for next week including the “meat and bones” of any game testing with back-end and server load information.

During the first beta event weekend, it took players 18 minutes to fill servers and it was a load of fun enjoying watching everyone pile on the Eastern Continent Harani. In anticipation of the next event, here are some thoughts from the last beta event, alpha, and the current development stage of the game:

archeage beta 2 1

Closed Beta Traffic Flow
Leveling two Archers– one melee and one full ranged– all weekend to level 20 was a seamless process, even despite the transition from alpha to beta and the explosion of traffic that went along with that transition. Trion implemented an extra server on the NA and EU platforms quickly and swiftly. Tag quests like Clockwork Rebellion (Level 14ish – Tigerspine Mountain) were the only “difficulty” with so many players eager to conquer and complete everything they could during the test.

Patch 1.2 and Labor Points

Prepared for scarce resources and curious about Labor Point regeneration at these early levels, players were ready to test Patch 1.2 and craft up a storm. There was very little discrepancy that will get further tested as each closed beta event occurs and if Trion Worlds sticks to their usual pattern of listening to players it will be interesting to see how Labor Points will become a fun part of ArcheAge– not just a necessity.

Marketplace Mayhem

The Marketplace went into full effect with Patron rewards, bonuses, and items inside the Founder Packs becoming available. Playing alpha without the founder pack/Patron bonuses then taking this a step further and playing one character in closed beta with and without store items served as a reminder of how useful the bonus items will probably be. The mount and glider from level 1 are handy, but it’s also encouraging that everyone can get these items before level 10.

Being able to attain extra bag space is an absolute bonus for wardrobe and farming lovers so this was the only Marketplace query I personally sent to Trion developers to see if non-patrons would be able to gain extra bag space with in game currency.

archeage beta 2 2

archeage beta 2 3

With or without the cosmetic store gear, ArcheAge is stunning. Both the default gear and the glorious costumes are well-designed and set a perfect look for the game (two examples previewed above).

See you all in closed beta Event 2 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) on Wednesday, July 30 which runs through 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) on Monday, August 4.

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