ArcheAge: Auroria Opens November 4th

As hinted in a recent podcast interview, there’s a huge content patch coming to ArcheAge that’s going to keep guilds busy for quite a while. We’re talking The Conquest of Auroria which goes live November 4th. Now, in case you’re unfamiliar with ArcheAge as it stands currently in other areas of the world, Auroria is the continent for siege warfare. Four new zones will be dedicated (of the 6 total new zones being added in the update) to siege combat where guilds can compete for the ownership of player-build castles.

Along with siege fun and 6 new zones that include 30% more player housing areas, the update will include Serpentis– a 10-man endgame dungeon– new elite enemies and field bosses, the farm wagon that’s perfect for completing trade runs, and the Steamfish Submarine. Yes, a submarine. It’s time to conquer a castle then dive in your nearby submarine for a bit of underwater exploration. Now when’s the last time you said that line in an MMORPG?

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