A Cause for Celebration After the Celebrations

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Last week was a big weekend for RIFT and Defiance. Between both games, Trion saw over a quarter of a million new players thanks to both RIFT‘s arrival on Steam and the event of Extra Life. Extra Life was an outstanding success for Trion and led to the team donating over $ 63,000 towards children’s hospitals around the U.S. RIFT saw a huge population surge last week (which led to some EU population issues even), and we saw the highest single day gain in new users since the launch of the game.

In a recent press release, Daglar said, ““We were ecstatic to see the reaction. Outside of new launches, this kind of thing doesn’t happen. I had to ask our data guy to recheck the number because it was unbelievable.” Scott Hartsman also made the following statement regarding the huge success of Extra Life: “It goes to show that our philosophy of ‘the more you give, the more you get’ really resonated. We’re proud to support our players with great content and to be able to join together with them and support children’s hospitals.”

Source: Trion press release

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