61 Marksman Rogue DPS Guide

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This is a guide for the 61 Marksman spec that’s suitable for most types of gameplay in RIFT including leveling, raiding, and all types of endgame group activities. It’s a pure ranged Rogue spec and features fantastic mobility, solid utility, and a rotation that’s fairly simple to learn. It won’t do quite as much DPS as most melee Rogue specs, but as a ranged spec it performs solidly.

The Build:

61 Marksman/10 Ranger/5 Nightblade


Magelo Link: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#AkGlllkGGyy/z8L/wg


  • Possesses both a Purge and an Interrupt
  • Ranged DPS
  • Good mobility and DPS is not affected while moving
  • Simple rotation


  • Puts out less damage than Ranger
  • Significantly less damage than melee specs
  • Decoy cooldown can cause additional mobs to be pulled as it often attacks the wrong target


  • Predatory Instinct
  • Static Shock Munitions
  • Silver Tip Munitions

Builder Priority List:

  1. Empowered Shot
  2. Strafe
  3. Swift Shot

Finisher Priority List:

  1. Rapid Fire Shot
  2. Deadeye Shot (Only when standing still)
  3. Hasted Shot

AOE Priority List:

  1. If you are above 50 energy and the targets are lined up so you can hit at least 3 targets, use Sentry Barrier
  2. Lightning Fury
  3. Chain Destruction


#show Empowered Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Swift Shot

#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Hasted Shot

Why we don’t macro Deadeye Shot:

Deadeye shot has a 1.5 second cast time and requires you to be standing still. It does roughly 60-70% more damage but does not tie in with the Rogue GCD which is 1 second. This makes it roughly a 30% damage gain over Hasted Shot. A lot of fights require movement, and if you macro Deadeye Shot you often find yourself moving and cancelling it, thus wasting the GCD resulting in a DPS loss. That’s why it is better to keep Deadeye Shot on a separate key and only use it when you know you will be stationary for the 1.5 second cast.

Single Target Rotation:

Before going into the Marksman rotation, there are two things that you need to be aware of:

  • Whenever you use a finisher, you get an instant cast Empowered Shot
  • Whenever you use a finisher, you get a buff called Shoot to Kill which increases the damage of Marksman combo point generating abilities by 50%

The standard rotation is Empowered Shot -> 3x Swift Shot -> Finisher.

Use Free Recoil whenever it’s off cooldown (12s). Your rotation after using a finisher with it active should be Finisher -> Empowered Shot -> Finisher.

When Strafe is off cooldown, your rotation should be Empowered Shot -> Strafe (This will overkill your combo points by 2, but an instant cast Empowered Shot is more valuable than a finisher).

Whenever the target you’re attacking is moving and is expected to be moving for at least 3 seconds over the next 6 seconds, it is a DPS gain to apply a Barbed Shot in place of a Swift Shot.

AoE Rotation:

When you have above 50 Energy and can get at least 3 targets lined up (always aim for the back target), your best AoE damaging ability will be Sentry Barrier. Below 50 Energy you should prioritize Lightning Fury and then Chain Destruction as your damaging abilities. The reason for this is that when you are casting Sentry Barrier, it is constantly draining your energy. When you’re casting Chain Destruction, it has an initial cost but you regenerate your full energy bar over the course of its duration.


Deaden – Interrupts the target. If the interrupt is successful, silences the target for 5 seconds. Off GCD, 10 second cooldown.

On the Double – Increases run speed by 50%. Off GCD, 21 second cooldown.
Retreat – Leap backwards 15m. On GCD, 31 second cooldown.

Eradicate – Removes 2 buffs from the target. On GCD, 3 second cooldown.

Static Shot – Roots the Enemy in place for 5 seconds. On GCD, 14 second cooldown.
Cross Fire – Channeled ability that deals air damage and repeatedly knocks back targets close to the Rogue for 4 seconds (you can move during the channel). On GCD, 21 second cooldown.
Repelling shot – Deals weapon damage and knocks the target back. 21 second cooldown.

Additional Notes:

If you’re looking to find information on how to min-max and get the most out of Marksman, check out Muspel’s more in-depth guide on the RIFT Forums:  http://forums.riftgame.com/game-discussions/rift-guides-strategies/class-guides/rogue-guides/351456-61-marksman-pve-ranged-dps-storm-legion.html

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