2/7 Live Stream Info: Details on PvP Dimensions


During last Friday’s Trion live stream, we finally got an update of sorts about PvP dimensions, which we first heard about quite a few months ago initially (back in July 2013, in fact). Earlier this year, we were told that they were still in development but had to be pushed back in priority. Now we finally heard some good news!

OverloadUT and dahanese said that PvP dimensions will not be coming with RIFT 2.6, but they will be coming shortly after. Specifically, they hinted that we’re talking about a time frame of weeks rather than months, but weeks could also mean 5+ weeks. In all likeliness, this hints to a time period of somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks.

Now, as to what PvP dimensions are exactly. Greg went into some detail. PvP dimensions take place in normal dimensions, but they have to be set up as such. They can be set up to either be a 2-team battle or a 3-team battle. The items that can be placed within the dimension are how rules and designated fighting areas are decided upon. As we know from before, this includes the areas where players zone in and choose their team. The scoreboard dimension item, as one example, will allow players to interact with it and set the time limits for matches.

By default, PvP dimensions do not come with any point scoring mechanics. Certain dimension items that have specific volumes will allow dimension builders to set boundaries for where players fight, how points are scored, and how dangerous the field of play is. All matches will still be death matches, however, which means that points can only be distributed when players die. Areas can be designated to allow/disallow player killing as well as allow Team A, for example, to score points for killing players within that certain area.

Interestingly enough, you can also set down items that deal damage to certain teams within a certain area, which means dimension creators have a great deal of freedom to create some pretty deadly arenas. Areas can also be set to reward 3 times as much points as other areas, for example, which will pave the way for interesting challenges. In addition, kill zones can be set up, which will instantly kill players if they enter that particular area. Spectator areas can also be set up that can’t be entered by players who are participating in the arena events and vice versa.

As development continues for PvP Dimensions, Trion intends to open up the doors to let our talented dimensioneers help show off the feature and make suggestions to tighten any bolts that need to be adjusted.

In other news, Daglar appeared briefly during the stream and reminded players that as mentioned in this thread on the official forums, there will be new reward chests in Conquest coming in a week or two. These chests will reward world currency/dungeon currency, Tier 1 Radiant Infinity Cells, and boxes containing class-specific (non BiS) gear to teams that win or tie for the win. The Radiant Infinity Cell part, in particular, should be welcome news to PvP players who have recently been on the PTS and saw the new upgrade paths on Myrmidon PvP gear that require the cells.

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