1/24 Live Stream Roundup: New Pet Skins and More

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During last Friday’s Trion live stream, Greg “OverloadUT” had a few guests from the Trion team including Gingers from the UI department and Daglar. They showed off a few UI improvements and new features that are currently being developed. Some are not even previewing on the PTS yet. All of these improvements and features will be added in with RIFT 2.6. The coolest new feature that was revealed was the new combat pet skin system that will let players customize their favorite in-combat pets. Here’s a quick rundown of that and more.

Note: As always, all information shown on the PTS or on Alpha builds such as the info shown in this live stream is subject to change at any time.


Combat Pet Skins

  • There will be a new section in the RIFT Store for combat pet skins under the “Pets” area. These skins will let you change the appearance of a character’s in-combat pet.
  • There will be pet skins for every type of in-combat pet. The set currently looks like it will have two new options for each of the pets except for the Cleric Druid pets which there are only one other option for each. Here’s a sampling of some of the ones we saw (Cleric pets in first row, Mage pets in second, Rogue/Warrior pets in third):

    cleric pet skins
    mage pet skins
    rogue warrior pet skins

  • These are account-wide and apply to any characters on that account or any that will be made in the future.
  • They’re also giftable.
  • The price is set for 900 Credits each currently, but that price is very likely to change. They apply immediately without going in your bags.
  • You can change between various skins you have by going in to your Character -> Pets window. There’s a new frame at the bottom that lets you choose a skin.
  • Some of the new skins are very huge currently. Check the title image for an example. The sizes may not be final.


Other Tidbits

  • They’ve added a miniature map of the world when clicking on a porticulum NPC that lets you select the continent instead of having to choose between text options. This one’s currently on the PTS. Here’s what it looks like:

    porti map

  • We’re getting a new “inspect mount” option when right-clicking on a player’s UI frame that will let us see what mount they’re on as well as its name if they’re currently mounted.
  • Different resources will show up on the mini map as different colored diamond shapes in 2.6.
  • They showed off some of the items found in the all-new Black Loyalty tier that we previewed last week. Here’s an in-progress screenshot of how the Prestigious Portrait is shaping up next to a preview of Sparkles who is awfully adorable:
  • portraitsparkles

  • We’re getting some better tools for searching for specific dimensions and dimension items. These have also been on the PTS.
  • The new soul presets that won the recent Trion “Build a Better Preset” contest will be added in 2.6. Players can even pop open a guide using the preset-browsing options in-game.

For more information on RIFT 2.6 which is coming in Feburary, you can check out our writeups on the new Dream Weaving profession, Bounties, the Black Loyalty Tier that’s previewing on the PTS, and a recent live stream writeup with some cool previews of new dimension goodies and unstable artifact rewards.

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