Rift Universe: What does this entail?

After months of suggestions for a guild calendar to no avail, was wondering exactly what it would entail to develop one. Is there really that much to it? Would be interested in learning what is needed to make it happen. Is it possible? Does trion allow access to that info to even attempt one outside of game?

I have had so many people in my guild that have just quit playing because of how difficult it is to put raids together when most people do not want to leave the game to sign up on a web site. It took 3 months to finally get a second 10 man team and a 20 man team going. One person not showing up can throw wrench in the whole thing. Have to watch for who is online, who have u talked to about times available. Then have to wait again to get back with people. Putting them together by whispering everyone when u see them on is a lot of wasted time. The wall resetting so often eliminates it from being used to try to build groups. Ok, so yeah, was told find new people to play with that don’t mind leaving game. Fact is, they quit playing before they go to the other website.

I am pretty much tired of all the time and effort it takes to get thigns going. A guild calendar for people to invite from and sign up for events and such would eliminate more frustration and make more people happy than just the guild leaders. May even keep people interested in the game longer.

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