Rift Universe: Guild changes that SHOULD be made!!!!!

Ok… I am leader of a Large guild. Under the guild log is where i can see who has joined and left guild sicne i was last on. HOWEVER… This is cluttered with the many achievements my guild has earned. Now, If it has been about 15 hours since i last logged in (yes i work during the day) Then my last member added to the guild is waaaaaaaaay at the bottom of the list. Let alone if our progression raid team has taken down a new boss and gotten one of the achievements thr night before. Thats 40 of the 100 spots gone. The guild log and achievements should be separated or at least have the option to hide achievements. It has become a MUST HAVE option for larger guilds since the log is actually an useful tool we can use to track what has happened since we (the guild leaders) were last online.

ALSO… We have been lvl 20 FOREVER!!!! litterally 4 months easy. When are you going to either A) raise the lvl cap for guilds or B) add the PA option? We still run the quests, and the experience we are earning is… absolutly useless.

Both are good ideas that should be implimented and can help set guild apart even more. Also, in the guild finder add what perks a guild has. This way, people know before they join a guild what a guild has to offer them besides a kick *** social experience.


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