Rift Universe: Character Race Change.

Is there anyway we could soon see a race change option? I know that in 1.9 the barbershop will be added and I cant wait for that, but I would really like to be able to change my toon’s race(Race not faction, ie from High elf to Mathosian.)

when I first made my toon I just wanted to hit 50 and enjoy the game, but shortly I did I realized that I much preferred the mathosian animations to the high elf. I know this isn’t the biggest of concerns right now because the dev’s have a lot on there plate right now, but any word of whether this might be possible in the future would be awesome.

Also I’m sure myself(and others) would not be apposed to making this a paid option, although Trion seems to not want to go down that "path", which is evident by the free character transfers.

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