Rift Universe: A guildmate got hacked, fed up with Trion client support

So, a couple of days ago, a guildmate of mine got both his Rift and email accounts hacked. His Rift account was subsequently suspended, and he passed a very nice monday trying to get his account back. It was not easy, mainly because even though he pleaded to get through with an employee of Trion that he knew speaks some Spanish (this guildmate is not keen in English), he was plainly denied that possibility, as well as trying to get this service in a written form that he could understand and be understood much better.

Well, it seems after all he finally recovered his account.

Then, today, same thing happened. He contacted again with client support and suggested changing that email account, since it’s obviously compromised. And then, the real nightmare began.

He was told Trion will not change the email account provided in his Rift Account, due to some procedure of Trion stating something like 2 times stolen -> frozen account forever till you can recover that email address and none else.

And now, that email account is seemingly unrecoverable, so, he cannot do that.

And that’s ********, I was hacked too some months ago and got no problem at all having my email address changed, it was even Trion who said to do this. He was not offered that chance, so he didn’t know it was even an option till I talked to him.

Trion has verified his identity several times, they have all his data up to the last four numbers of his credit card, but just plainly refuses to change the email and reactivate the account, something I (and a lot more people in here) had no issue doing.

Right now, he’s really on the fence between quitting or buying another account. That he’s willing to even consider this second option after the treatment he has received from Trion (not helping his client AT ALL) shows how much he likes this game. Nonetheless, if he finally quits, his brother and maybe more people will surely follow him seeking another game, infuriated as they are with all this matter.

So, GG Trion, way to go to lose a client by not being willing to help him!

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