Rift Universe: A few Guild related requests (Bank + lvls)

I’m hoping Trion plans to open up more for guilds to achieve.

1. Guild Level
Presently my guild has been lvl 20 for months, I actually miss the weekly quests. It was fun to log on Wed and see them already done by our enthusiastic guildies, or to have to coordinate a raid to take out the Sanctum bridge boss.

For a large guild like mine, where we don’t often get to play together, this was a galvanizing activity. Furthermore, access to all the guild perks wouldn’t hurt either!

2. Guild Bank Slots
There is plenty of room along the left hand side to add more guild bank slots. I believe when I counted there are room for another 8 or so. I don’t even care about how much they’d cost, it was something we worked to achieve. Holding server wide raffels, selling instance drops etc, working towards a common goal.

Presently with 2 raids each needing their own tab (and a 3rd on its way) with a tab devoted to artifact sharing, another to gear/recipies, and another to pots/materials, it’s a daily chore to organize and clean out our bank. More tabs would allow us greater diversity in granting access, organization, and provide us with that galvanizing common goal mentioned earlier.

I don’t see why these things couldn’t be implimented sooner than later, and it’s something I think many people would benefit from. (also really helps as a recruiting agent to offer so much as a guild)


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