Rift Reporter Episode 84 – Dream a little dream of RIFT


Chris and Sallennia are joined by Fellowship’s Walk auction winner Tony to talk about the goings on in the world of Rift. This week’s show has us talking about the 2.5 Song of Dreams patch, the dungeons and chronicles revamps and more!

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What we did in game:


Joined a Guild: Pandium

Finishing Scarwood Reach and moving onto the Droughtland

Working on crafting to level:

Apothecary 164

Outfitter 187

Artificer 183

Mining  182

Foraging 199

Survival 122 (This one is tough any hints)

Butchering 192

Fishing 129 ( just tedious)

Working on notoriety with Scarwood. ( I like to finish before moving on, very close)


Guild dimension

Intrepid Hammerknell Chronicle Level 60 version



Started on the new Ember Isles/Underwater Content


LFG Storm Breaker Protocol

News from the Rift

Rift 2.5 Song of Dreams is Live



Song of Dreams pits the Ascended against harbingers of the Wanton in an all-new underwater Saga.

Infinity Gate Dimension is available

Store Wish Lists

a new Planar Attunement Nexus-PVP tier 3

six weeks of Level 60 instances (Chronicles, Slivers, and a new dungeon!) courtesy of Grandfather Frost and the Gifts of the Fae.

Nov. 13 – Return To Deepstrike (60)

Nov. 20 – Hammerknell Chronicle (60)

Nov. 27 – Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle (60)

Dec. 4 – Drowned Halls (60)

Dec. 11 – Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath

Dec. 18 – River Of Souls Chronicle (60)


Iron Pine Peak Lower levels (27-35)

International Shards, Now you can play in any language regardless of selected region EXCEPT THEN>>>>


As many of you know, RIFT has had a massive influx of players in the last several weeks. When we did the cluster combinations we had a good understanding of what our capacity would be in the future. There was room to grow in our plans – enough room to fit up to 40% new users comfortably. Our success and your interest has far exceeded this and unfortunately has led to laggy shards in the EU, long queues, and overall a game play experience that isn’t up to our standards.

We have additional enhancements being made to our clusters, but those enhancements will take time to implement. Because of this, we will once again be temporarily separating the EU shards into two clusters. An English cluster and a mixed French/German/International cluster. When we have additional enhancements made to our cluster technology, we will once again combine EU to be a single whole cluster.

>>> Influx of players they were talking about…

Trion Announces Results of the We Love Gamers Celebration


quarter of a million new players to their online games, RIFT and Defiance.

RIFT experienced the highest single day gain in new users since the game’s launch more than 2 years ago.

State of the Game


Items they are working on:

Continued Graphical Optimizations

Cross Shard Functionality and Internationalization

Dimension Enhancements

Streamlined Zones and Tutorials

Content Additions

PvP Improvements and Adjustments

Rolling out Content Every Week

Looking forward to 3.0

You may have heard us talk about RIFT 3.0 during live streams, or in a few cryptic posts on the forums. It’s not a giant secret – we are actively working on expanding RIFT, and continuing our journey to the planes! We’ve given small previews of the planes in both Endless Eclipse, and the Plane Breaker Bastion – and RIFT 3.0 goes beyond a section of an instance.

The Very First Dimension


How the idea of dimensions came to be out of the Wedding system

A history of the tools they built

Early Problems that were solved

New Trion Game-TROVE


Nov 15th-Trion announced Trove with video on Youtube.


First wave of Alpha invites just went out.

Cubeworld/MMO/Minecraft mash up

Previewed during last weeks twitch feed.


See the detailed write up on Junkies Nation for more:



November 26th, through December 3. Get new pets and weapons plus raid tokens, essences and – for the lucky – an all-new mechanical-means-of-conveyance!

Earn your pilot’s license by completing the Mech Week daily quest for a Mechanized Temporal Vault, a time-locked treasure chest

Each Vault will unlock after 24 hours

Special Mech Week Weapons

New Temporal Essences with +Resist All

The Raid 1 Upgrade Token, Radiant Infinity Cell

Exclusive Pets: Collect them all for a new title and the holomazing Pack of Squirrels 2.0 companions.

The rare-and-robotic Empyreal Walker Mount

Each day you complete the Mech Week quest you’ll earn one or more Temporal Aligner(s) that reduce the timer on your Temporal Vault.

All week, you’ll earn a Temporal Cell from Level 60 Expert Dungeon runs. Open it up for a variety of rewards, ranging from additional Temporal Aligners all the way to Greenscale’s Lock Boxes


Rift SOS

Return To Deepstrike



started the dungeon at the Dig Site.

the story is be about the titans awakening from their slumber.

Intrepid Hammerknell – Level 60 Chronicle


The wibbly little miners have vanished without a trace. No hammers. No goblets. Not a smidgen of beard.

Find them you must! Without the Dwarves, where would we get our gold?

Intrepid Greenscale’s Blight – Level 60 Chronicle


You see, the Dragon of Fumes feeds once again — on the mightiest of all Ascended. The good news? He’s bloated with new treasures. The bad?

His bite’s as bad as his gas ….

Dec 04 – Level 60 Drowned Halls…..

Community Report

s-Rift Dream Dimensions – Contest


Attitude of Gratitude

10 items per person intended to share the meal, no maximum

1 fishing item, 2 dropped items (open world, dungeon, or rift bag), 3 crafted items

Entries close November 24th at midnight PST


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