Rift Reporter Episode 81 – Hello and Goodbye


Big news out of Trion this week with the return of Scott Hartsman leading to some major restructuring within Trion, and the sad departure of Elrar from the company. We also talk Summerfest, and the upcoming Patch 2.4.

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What we did in game:


Summerfest Scavenger Hunts- part 2.  Completed the scavenger hunt part 2 up to Morban, took over an hour for Seratos and it sucked.  The changing maze….

Stonefield Porticulum moved from Quarrystone Basin to Sunrest Bridge, the bridge between stonefield and Scarwood Reach, and right before the descent to Scarlet Gorge.

Scavenger Hunt part 1 in Seratos: Down in the Pus Swamp you have to collect a skull…. it is in a very hard to reach place… when we did it, this is the quest where we jumped up on a patch of trees and were site to site ported to the mushroom tree where the skull was waiting… whether it’s now changed or just the way this quest was meant to go… you have to either jump up through the trees and over to the mushroom on your own, or go up toward the NPC camp and along the cliffs to the right to jump down and over to the mushroom (way harder) or, in the pond just behind the patch of trees one would have to jump on, there is a transporter, will send you to one of the two location where the skull would be for several seconds before porting you back to the pond.  Problem is the skull only spawns at those locations for short amounts of time.


Summerfest Dailies

My AH scheme has fallen apart. No one is buying my summerfest stuff anymore.

Expert Storm Breaker Protocol

News from the Rift

Scott Hartsman is back at Trion (AUG 8th)


Scott Hartsman has returned to Trion, this time as CEO.

In an email to employees, Scott said: “We’re going to rapidly be laying the groundwork for a new strategy at Trion — one that is closer to the foundation of how we’ve had our wins so far, and then extending that base into the enduring success this company can, and will, be.”

Elrar leaves Trion Worlds


Elizabeth “Dahanese” Tobey director of community, Greg “OverloadUT” Laabs  and Morgana will be sharing his duties.

No details as to why

Seems like it wasn’t something that he knew about.

Elrar made a brief statement on MMO Champion, he posted his new personal twitter account and twitch page, go find it there if you want to follow him.


Twitch livestream- For information on Trion and Elrar’s departure skip to 1:05:00 (ish), For Scott Hartsman skip to 1:24:00 (ish)


Mostly touring the finalist for the community Dimension contest hosted by Kiwi (fan site operator), followed by a visit from Scott Hartsman. We got some highlights via RiftJunkies:

RIFT won’t be seeing a ton of changes since the update plan is moving solidly along.

The RIFT community team will now consist of dahanese, Greg “OverloadUT”, and Morgana. OverloadUT and dahanese will be taking over the live stream reins.

The RIFT development team has not changed. Daglar is still leading the charge and doing a solid job according to Hartsman.

Hartsman loves RIFT, always has, and has no intentions of straying anywhere near “pay-to-win”.

End of Nations will be temporarily placed on hold while Trion concentrates on RIFT, Defiance, and ArcheAge. Defiance will be seeing some major changes from the sounds of it.

ArcheAge‘s development is going strong. We’re still a little ways away from hearing too much about it.

We’ll see performance updates for RIFT in both 2.4 and 2.5. Here’s a hint of one update coming in 2.4.

Trion won’t be appearing at PAX or Gamescom this year.

Despite the closure of Trion’s EU branch, the team plans on continuing European support and is working on additional details for the the French/German communities.

The odd rumors floating around about EA buying Trion are false.

Mayhem in Mathosia


Aug 21 – Sept 4 Begins today!

Massive planar invasions march on the heart of Mathosia. Gather in Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, and Moonshade Highlands to defend the world against impending destruction!

Rewards: Bonus Planar Currency, Bonus Loot, and a New Achievement.

In addition to bonus currency for mentored-down players and a new achievement & title, you’ll also find special items dropping out of zone events:

Now Available Three Springs Dimension


Give new life to your creativity in this seaside Dwarven village, and embellish all of your current and future creations with Three Springs Dimension items and Mossy Village Kit

Crash Issues Resolved



For users of Windows 7 & Vista 64-bit, today’s Windows update contains a fix that will likely cause your copy of RIFT to crash. We are investigating why the update has a conflict with RIFT, but until then, we have provided an optional work-around to uninstall the specific update that causes the crash.

The issue for Windows 7/Vista 64 bit users has been resolved; however, we are investigating reports that issues exist for 32 bit users of these versions of Windows. The team is actively looking into it & we’ll let you know once we have more details. The workaround above will not work as it’s only applicable to the 64 bit versions.

/Follow disabled in Warfronts

Daglar posted on the forum Aug 7th:  /follow disabled in Warfronts and Conquest

“As some of you may have noticed, we’ve disabled /follow in both Warfronts and Conquest for the time being. I know that there are a lot of opinions on the subject of multi-boxing and it is a heated subject for some people. Please share your opinions on how this has affected your actual gameplay – but keep it clean folks.”

Daglar later commented:This issue has been discussed internally since we changed the business model – we’ve been afraid that the amount of multi-boxing in certain environments would increase due to the fact that there is no longer a barrier to playing the game. We cannot make everyone happy all the time though we strive to, and we make decisions that we feel are best for the game. I’m deeply sorry that this conflicts with how some of you enjoyed playing the game up until now.


Elrar followed up that Trion was not preventing multiboxing from continuing in open world PVE at this time.


Rift S.O.S.

What to do at 60 thread-Merillion


Seatin’s Level 60 guide – Text form


-Youtube Channel for multiple guides


Casual Warrior Guides-Ewarwoo


Community Report

Rift Junkies: Planebreaker Bastion Map and Early Information (Spoiler alert)


New Rift Podcast – Through the Rift


I’ve listened to the first episode, and it’s really good. Lots of new player tips!

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