Rift Reporter Episode 80 – Issues, issues, issues

Trion has been very busy dealing with ‘issues’ over the last few weeks, but Summerfest is in full swing to help cool everyone off when they get a little hot under the collar.

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What we did in game:



Scavenger hunts

Bug squashing


Summerfest DAILIES!

More Summerfest DAILIES!

Scavenger Hunts.

More, more, more Summerfest DAILIES!

News from the Rift




In tune with the cyclical nature of the seasons, Swarmlord Khargroth gathers those loyal to him and unleashes them upon Telara. Thwart his quest for revenge and loot the treasures of the devilish Fae.


Join your friends for scavenger hunts throughout Telara – ride a barrel down Scarlet Gorge Falls, risk life and lips to plant a kiss on some of Telara’s greatest villains, and more. You’ll have to follow the clues, though – hunt objectives aren’t marked on your map!RARE COMPANIONS

Unique and adorable critters return to zones across the continent of Mathosia. Catch and befriend up to 11 special companions, from black bunnies to striped prairie dogs and colorful cobras.


Summer fashion’s alive at the RIFT Store! Sport a variety of swimsuits and exclusive items including Sunset, a feisty avian companion.


Camp out to earn the title “the Counselor” and catch Summer Sunfish from special nodes throughout the event. As you complete Summerfest quests, you’ll earn Friendship Bracelets and Merit Badges you can trade in for seasonal loot.


During the first week of Summerfest (7/25-7/31), Daily Login Gifts have a chance of including 25-75 RIFT Credits. If you’re a Patron, you have an even higher chance of receiving free Credits!

Game issues – Y u lag?


After patch: Unknown shard lag is back….post on forums

Elrar replied:If you could – please run a tracert and PM the results to me…..


Unable to Log in : Error 2025


Servers down July 31/2013

Following the North American update this morning we discovered an issue that has caused server instability. We need to bring shards offline immediately – however, due to internal network maintenance it is taking longer than expected to prepare a new build with a fix for the issue.  Elrar


Ongoing Connectivity/Latency/Disconnect Issues

Forum post, now on page 53…. since July 25th

Hey all, (From Elrar Aug 7th)

In an effort to be overly cautious & attempt to proactively avoid future connectivity issues – if you are having issues connecting to any RIFT or Trion services, please provide us with the following:

When did the issue first appear? (As best you can recall)

Do you know of anyone else experiencing the issue?

What state are you attempting to connect from?

Who is your ISP? (Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, etc.)

Your best description of what you’re experiencing, with as much detail as possible:


Corgi Summerfest quest- Spirit of Tasuil the Brave will work with these dailies starting in next week’s hotfix.They will also start rewarding Merit Badges at that time.


Ice Cream and pet collection quests in shimmersand bugging: Fixed after patch July 31



The reason behind server maintenance:  The Elrar Story


Simon Ffinch talks to PC GamesN


On how the transition to F2P has gone: That’s where the industry was going, that’s what our players wanted, we just wanted to remove that barrier of entry so that everyone could just jump in and play under the assumption that if they loved what they were doing and played Rift and thought that it was a great game, they’d buy a hat.

On wanting people to play the game:  The reason that I want them in Rift is because I’ve made a game that’s like “look what we’ve made! It’s fun! Come and play our game! Come and play with us!”

What’s his measure of success? So my measure of success is “am I still in business?”

I’ll see people posting on the forums and in general chat, saying things like “if you’re new to Rift and you’d like a mount come and see me in Port Scion and I’ll give you one, and maybe a couple of bags.” And I’m like, wow you’re a really fun person, thank you for making Telara a nice place to be.

Change to consumable PA items?


– this would be 1,000,000 Planar Attunement XP to your total Planar Attunement pool, shared between all characters Level 50+

You’ll be able to claim the one-time consumable from the RIFT Store claim window on a single character! Elrar

Trophies coming to Rift?


Not more achievements

Rewards FOR achievements!

Bound to account

You can bypass the achievement and spend credits to buy the item for an alt. One character must still have the achievement for the item to unlock

Rift S.O.S.

Summerfest tips and tricks!

Stock up on Beravnic Portal Generator Batteries to make the travelling easier when doing the scavenger hunts. Not necessary, but very helpful.


A simple one, but watch for the fishing “target” to change to the special icon, as sometimes the angle is wrong with the pool of Summer Starfish.

Make yourself some extra lures when you have the recipe for the daily!

Little Scavenger Hunt (Mathosian)

Quest in Moonshade Highlands… swimming under water, through glowing gates, without taking a breath…every gate you pass resets your underwater breathing so it’s not a big problem….however, it is quite dark underwater so if you have a problem with graphics or visibility at ‘night’ in game this may be difficult.

Super fun to clear an area if your high level, while running around low level zones 🙂

So… when did the porticulum Ark of the Ascended in Freemarch move?

Great Dusken Scavenger Hunt:

Steppes of Infinity Challenge

Longest challenge we did took almost three hours, with a raid group helping us.

If you don’t have all the zone ports, now is a good time to run around and get them.

Easiest thing to do is to get into a raid. Have one person at each “location” listed in the guide. If the platform that spawns is one you need, awesome! If not, use the wrong charge and de-spawn it. It will then show up at another location. If you don’t, it will wait at the random location in the list until someone uses it or de-spawns it.

If you port, or die while waiting to get your charges, your UI will drop the reactive skills.  Just /reloadui or log out and back in to get them back, you shouldn’t need to get the quest again to get them.

Trion is looking at fixing bugs on this, they has been a lot of feedback on how frustrating it is, perhaps they will have the platform shift around regardless on whether someone bounces it off or not.

Great Brevane Scavenger Hunt

City Core Challange

The picnic basket spawn in ANY Bogling building, so keep looking!

Kingsward Challange

Use the /target Feral and /chicken macros to make things easy!

Nests are right to the east of The Armory Porticulum

Ashora Challange

Spawn time is super long. You’ll have more luck running to the different possible spawn points mentioned in the guide.

Dendrome Challange

Check the auction house. I’ve been making a killing selling those finished products. Very labour intensive to make.

Link to guide for Scavenger Quest locations: VERY HELPFUL


Tips from listeners:


I’ve a tip: If you fail the ice cream quest & have to start over, DON’T FORGET THE ICE CREAM before running all the way back.

Trion is already applying hot fix’s to make the scavenger quests easier and less buggy


Community Report

Seatin’s Leveling Guide


Bring on your screenshots!


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