Rift Reporter Episode 79 – F-ing Queen’s Gambit


Chris and Sallennia discuss the latest and greatest news from the Rift-scape, talking about the mage tanking soul, some changes to the Patron Pass purchasable in game and more!

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What we did in game:


Been working through SL dungeons on Reg, getting some Chloro healing practice and getting to know them better before we try Expert.  Not just burning through them, so that’s a great thing, helps that most people we seem to run them with haven’t been through them either.  Haven’t had any trouble with LFG finding people.

One more level 50 exp to do Rapid Assault…Abyssal Precipice… blah! How is this not finished yet?

Ran Queens Gambit again… did NOT finish last boss.


Stupid F-ing Queen’s Gambit.

Ran some SL Normal dungeons to get used to the fights.

Survivalist is up to 375

Fishing is up to 330 – almost maxed out.

Ran Archive of Flesh on Expert

News from the Rift

Kervik talks Arbiter (mage 3.0 soul) tanking


No buffs or talents that award toughness, will require tank gear

Pet based, Pet doesn’t have standard action bar, will follow you around, keeps you buffed and absorbs damage.  Can be healed etc.

Based more on deflect rather than block

Other soul names are:  Warrior (Liberator) and Rogue (Physician) healers, and Cleric (Crusader)

Hints on 2.4 from the livestream


New 20 man raids- tier 2

Infinity Gate will be the easier of the two raids and will feature less bosses. The tougher raid will be Earth-themed and feature more bosses.

We’ll also see a level 60 version of Realm of the Fae in 2.4.

We’ll also be getting at least one (possibly two) new Chronicles in 2.4.

Summerfest’s around the corner. Yes, we’re getting swimsuits this year.

Changes to 30 Day Patron Pass purchases from the store


The issue is with Loyalty –

previously the passes would give 8,640 loyalty (Credit purchase included)

Will now give 7,000 loyal

2,680 from the pass

4,320 from spending the credits

(hidden 4,320 for buying the credits)

People were using the passes instead of subscribing, as they could spend the same amount of RW money, and get extra loyalty.

Players could also purchase REX to get the credits, then purchase the passes to get the extra loyalty as well, but they would not get the bonus for purchasing the credits.

People are VERY upset in this thread, and I don’t really understand why.

Community Report

Riding High – Exploring Some of RIFT’s Coolest Mounts- By Elrar


Build your way to Three Springs – Dimension Contest July 9th winners listed in link.


MMORPG Rift Editorial


[GREYBRIAR] TLP Hosts Pride Parade 2013 on June 29th @ 1 PM Server (4 PM EST)

Hosted by The Last Prophecy and organized by Danitsia as usual 🙂


Rift Junkies-Pre parade


Rift Junkies – Post parade with pictures


Fireworks available for purchase in Rift for July 4th


-Still available in the store as of July 15th but won’t be for much longer

10 pack of fireworks: 44 credits

25 pack of fireworks: 88 credits

100 pack of fireworks: 317 credits

Unique Rainbow Fireworks: 705 credits

all fireworks can drop from Rift Mobs, and are available in the store.

Available as: Sparklers, Screamers, Random, Fountain, Fan Bursts, Dragon Bursts.

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