Rift Reporter Episode 78 – Islands in the stream


This week we review patch 2.3, our exploration of Dendrome, and take a close look at the Rift Store.  There is also a little teaser for patch 3.0!

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What we’ve done in game:


Ran a few level 50 exp dungeons to finish off my Rapid Assault Achievement (How is this not finished?)

Did some questing with a guildie who is almost 60

Tried the solo Chronicle A hero rises, twice, finished it second time, still wasn’t clear what had to be done the last stage.

Tried level 60, two man Chronicle Queen’s Gambit …. well… a lot of times.  Could not kill the last boss.  At all.

Companion quest chain: Cactus Badger Challenge.  Quests was bugged out all last week….you start it at the K’Rom’s Fortress porticulum, right at the far end of Ashora.  It’s a horrifically boring, three stage quest.  First  you take the form of the bad ass badger to kill a mob, then you run all over the damn place putting your hand in a snake basket, over and over and over… ten times!  Then you follow the badger spirit… for like ten minutes!!!  looking for it’s den.  When he finally find the thing, you smoke him out, catch him and return for your companion reward.  By the time you get the pet, you never want to look at it again.


I really don’t remember…..



News from the Rift

Patch 2.3 is live!  If you haven’t popped back into Rift after taking a break, now is the time!!!

Freemarch and Silverwood under siege

The forces of the planes have launched an offensive outside the great cities of Telara, and your help is needed to defend them. Ascended of all levels must band together and repel the countless invasions marching on Silverwood and Freemarch!

Dates: June 27th – July 2nd

Rewards: Bonus planar currency (appropriate for your level!), bonus loot, and new achievements from zone events.

In addition to bonus currency for mentored-down players and new achievements, you’ll also find special items dropping out of Freemarch and Silverwood zone events, including:

Sapphire Ki Rin Mount

Defiant Crest Cape

Guardian Crest Cape

Twilight Jester Hat

Crimson Gothic Hat

Lesser Experience Vial

Lesser Token Tablet

Riot Torch


Rift Livestream June 21st – Livestream footage of the Chronicle Queen’s Gambit with Elrar (James Nichols) & Overload UT (Greg Laabs) as well as info on what is being worked on for patch 3.0 with Senior Development Director Simon Finch & Senior Designer Nick McDowell.


Currently working to fix Lag and disconnect issues, was better over the weekend, top priority.

Also working on support wait times.

All info mentioned is subject to change


Going to the planes!!!  Water looks to be first

Not all underwater, Water plane includes all forms of water

Possible swimming mounts

Water plane is all about dreams and madness

4 new souls:

Healing Rogue

Tanking Mage

Support Cleric (ie Bard, Archon)

Healing Warrior (all you warriors who scream for healers in PVP can shut the bleep up)

Possible Fishing crafting rifts

Change to Companion Pets: giving them a bigger role, ways to level them up and assign them tasks etc.  Possibly send Courage out to do your crafting, or assign him to fetch all your loot.

Looking to expand Item Enhancement to make them more custom.

Elrar and OverloadUT have an …. interesting run of Queen’s Gambit.  Elrar mostly Mage Harb/Chloro/SC and Overload Rogue Bard/Tactician/Rift Stalker, a brand new soul/spec.

They have even more trouble with it then we did lol!

1st boss Elrar killed solo, as Overload died right away and was locked out.

2nd bosses (Kill Och & Krok)  too three tries, and Elrar ended up going chloro

3rd boss (Defeat Inyr’kta) they didn’t really even got a proper shot at before running out of time, unable to figure out what to do… darn it!

June 14th – Two new shards opened for North America: Hailol & Necropolis, both listed as Recommended for new players.


Support Chat Now Available 7 Days a Week!



Build the perfect class video


Rift S.O.S.

Rift Store re-cap:

We have subbed since launch and have time paid for a while still to come…

Upon launching rift F2P we were over half way into the purple tier of loyalty and had over 20,000 store credits (Green gem currency) thanks to the one time stipend.

How do those credits translate: (The more you buy in one shot, the bigger the bonus you get)

Cost of $5 RL Dollars = 750 Store Credits

Cost of $20 RL Dollars = 3000 + 250 bonus Credits = 3250

Cost of $50 RL Dollars = 7500 + 1000 bonus Credits = 8500

Cost of $100 RL Dollars = 15,000 + 3500 bonus Credits = 18,500

Cost of $10 RL Dollars = REX x 1 which can be consumed for 1250 credits or traded or sold on the AH.  Currently between 1030-1500 plat for 1, which gives you 2500 loyalty as well as 1200 credit.

Item cost comparison: (Patron status grants 10% discount)

Storm Legion Souls pack = 3150/3500 Credits

Character Slot Extension = 648/720 Credits

(Not to be confused for additional role slots, these are for your main character page ie Alts)

130% Mounts = 225 Credits-Patron

150% Mounts = 630 Credits-Patron or 1000 Plat (Level 60 only)

Nebula (event mounts) = 810 Credits-Patron

Premium/Unique Mounts = 900-1575 Credits-Patron

Additional Bag Slots = 774 Credits-Patron (Bags not included)

Armor cost : Upgradable Expert Dungeon equivalent

Chest, Legs = 540 Credits-Patron

Feet, Hands, Belt = 333 Credits-Patron

Head, Shoulders = 441-Patron

2961 Credits (Patron) for a full set of gear.

Store item worth mentioning

XP bonus pots

Lesser XP Vial – 15% bonus from all sources for 2 hours – 72 Credits (Patron)

EX Vial – 40% …….- 234 Credits (Patron)

Greater XP Vial – 80% ……-432 Credits (Patron)

Also Pots for Token, Notoriety & Favor

Community Report

New ‘Roles’ add-on (Created by Zormus on Curse) a must have – from Riftscene


Rift F2P story on Massively by Beau Hindman


Livestreamer – Nerdgasm TV



Great livestreamer! Raids, dungeons and more!

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