Rift Reporter Episode 75 – Levelling in a Time Warp


New Dimensions, New Role Slots, New Mounts, New Companions, so much to look forward to while we madly try to catch level 60!

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What we’ve done in game:

Ding 56!

Finished questing in KingswardStory quest: Defeat Salvarola is a solo player instance, completed it at level 55, in full chloro, fighting level 60 elite boss. However I wasn’t able to pick up the next step in the store quest once finished. Had to leave and level then go back to get it. Now questing in Ashora!!!Did some IA to get my last two bars of level 55. Same quests over and over, not impressed.Spent the last week of the carnival doing EVERYTHING. Tried every game, all the new ones in Tempest Bay. (Loved the fashion show! 8 Prize tickets per!) Got several rewards, including Aurora, the Magicians Kit (blows up my head) and the dimension items.


PAX!Ding 57! ALMOST 58!PvP, PvP, and more PvP!Tower of Dawn. Had a super crappy Tactician build, so had to redo that to be successful.Ashora, we are there!

News from the Rift

Possible new Role Slots and or new Souls coming with patch 2.3 hinted at by Daglar. Later comment made by Daglar stated that the news Souls are more than a few months out, so likely a new role slot for patch 2.3

RIFT and Raptr have combined forces again – and there’s new loot! Just use the Raptr app while you’re playing RIFT from April 23 to June 11 and you can earn incredible Raptr Rewards such as a free copy of RIFT Storm Legion™, as well as in-game items like Spaulders of Earthen Might, a Storm Legion Arbiter’s Helm, and even a special Raptr Raptor companion pet.

LIVESTREAM: Building a bridge to Infinity: Apr 26th
Want to know more about the Architects, an ancient race whose technology has the power to traverse the very fabric of space and time? Tune in to www.twitch.tv/TrionWorlds on Friday April 26 at 1:30pm PDT/20:30 UTC to learn more about the Dendrome, the Architects, and their history and place in Telara.


Last weeks Livestream showed the NEW dimension: The Moonshade Pools (Key is now available on Woody Cook in Tempest Bay!)

Elrar also showed us the new Defiance Hellbug companion pet as well as the Raptr Pet!

Planarite Bug- Cap went from 100K down to 60K. It was an error that was fixed next day, and commented on by Elrar and Daglar. Was not intentional and at the time they weren’t sure why it happened.

More chronicles are in the works. You should expect one with 2.3. ~Daglar

response to a forum thread asking for more saga quests and chronicles in SL.

Wardrobe will not be available for weapons. However we have another solution coming down the pipe for 2.3 to customize weapon appearances. ~Daglar


Free Storm Legion with Defiance!

Is Trion’s Defiance MMO pulling resources away from Rift?

Rift S.O.S.

Mage Guide: A DPS Spec for Dungeons and Raids – On Rift Junkies by Matt Duncan
I’ve been working on a DPS spec for level 60 dungeons. The one found below has moderate mobility and very good DPS without having to worry about controlling a pet……


Community Report

Free Rift + Storm Legion + 30 days (Free game, SL and game time received by ordering defiance through steam offered for free to the community)

To anyone who doesn’t have a game or knows someone who would like to play. You must be on steam, post your steam ID, first one to post with a decent reason of why they want it will have it sent to them.

New Defiance Mount Coming to RIFT?-Rift Junkies

Easter Scavenger Hunt on April’s Fools Day-Danitsia: The Last Prophecy

http://forums.riftgame.com/shard-forums/na-shards/north-american-shards/greybriar/355140-easter-scavenger-hunt-aprils-fools-day.htmlJoin us on Monday, April 1st for an Easter themed Scavenger Hunt. A list of items will be released at 4 PM Server and participants will have 2 hours, until 6 PM Server, to get as many items as they can on that list. The person with the most completed list wins 500 plat!!!!WINNERS HAVE BEEN CROWNED:Elyssinia@Greybriar takes the top prize with 18 items on the list!!! They walk away with the grand prize of 650p!Xaiax@Greybriar was a CLOSE second with 17 items (the 18th submitted 3 mins past!!!) She gets the 2nd prize of 250p!!!Ferine@Faeblight came in third with 15 items found! She gets 100p… and I will figure out how to transfer it over.Thanks everyone for participating!!!! TONS OF FUN TODAY. We had 28 people participating!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration (River of Souls)-Danitsia: The Last Prophecy

Map switch button

Farewell and Good Luck!

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