Rift Reporter Episode 74 – Lightbulb


This week we talk about some updates to the Carnival of the Ascended, as well as some upcoming changes to Pyromancer which are currently on the PTS!

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What we’ve done in game:


Ran Unhallowed Boneforge:

LFG for a healer… surprise died on the first trash pull. Twice. Defiler is NOT a dungeon/tank healing soul.

Took at least three attempts for each boss fight
Final boss bugged out when we weren’t all behind the wall when it was triggered. Had to abandon the dungeon incomplete.
None of the mechanics were terribly difficult, but there was a lot of ground effects and movement required.

Did a few Hunt Rifts, three I think, successfully! (Don’t think they scaled properly last time)
Popped a lot of balloons! note: Raid groups that complete games count for everyone. Also jumping buff locks you in the balloon pen.
Quested as full Chloro
Ding 55!


Yeah, that Unhallowed Boneforge run… wow.
Lots of daily Crafting. Running around trying to get mats.
Max Weaponsmith and Forager now, working on Mining, Fishing and Survivalist
Fishing, fishing, fishing!
Hunt Rifts are awesome.
Jump, jump, jump, jump! Balloon popping time!

News from the Rift
RIFT Survey Result – Challenge Level


72% say it’s just right (so far)

Increase in Prize Tickets per game- due to the increase in cost for items.



New event dabloons don’t match last years? Forum topic by BlackZodiac

If you were playing last year no doubt you’ll remember how the Forums exploded because some people were able to get an extra pyrite doubloon in a short 2 hour window when that particular quest “reset” too soon and were riding around on Nebula a full week early.
Now imagine if people were able to reuse those pyrite doubloons yesterday and were riding around on Aurora right now
A compromise might be allow you to trade in old pyrite doubloons for beads or prize tickets, just a suggestion but in the concept of “fair play” it looks like Trion wants everyone to get Aurora on the same day


Some changes are on the way to PTS for the Pyromancer. Flame Sigil is getting cut. Its being replaced with the ability Flame Rupture. This ability debuffs the enemy, applying a stack of Combust to up to 5 enemies within 7m every 2s. Lasts 15s. 15s cooldown. This is a tier 8 ability in the soul tree, in the same slot as Flame Sigil was.
Along with this change are a few others. Fulminate will no longer receive a damage bonus from Combust stacks. Its damage is being increased to compensate. It should now always deal damage similar to what it would currently deal with 5 stacks of Combust. Pyromancer’s Aegis will now generate an extra Fireball proc up to once every 3 seconds (instead of 4). Fireball, Flame Bolt, Cinder Burst, Flame Volley and Fusillade have all received a damage increase as well. (Kervik)


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Rift S.O.S.

The Jewel of Brevane – Carnival of the Ascended Zone event
March 15th twitch live stream footage.


Community Report

RiftScene Podcast ‘Hardmode’ Episode 1

Hard Mode Ep. 1

(No clean tag fyi lol) – Didn’t we talk about this last week?
St. Patrick’s Day Costume Contest & Parade 3/17 @ 2 PM Server (Greybriar)-Organized/posted by Danitsia on Greybriar



Current Poll
Are you planning on participating in the Carnival of the Ascended because the games and events are fun, or because there are prizes that you want to get?

Games and Events are fun!
I’m not participating


We’re going to be at PAX East and we’d like to borrow your acoustic guitar! If you’ve got one available we’d like to borrow it so we can record a video for Don’t Forget About Your Alts. We won’t be playing it, just miming. Email Chris at mmoreporter dot com if you can help us out!

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