Rift Reporter Episode 68-Dimensions R Us

This week we talk Storm Legion after launch day, and give an overview of the new Dimensions!

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What we did in game this week


Thanks to Steve for filling in for me last week :)DIMENSIONS!  It’s all that and a bag of chips!Questing, almost level 51Spent a lot of time exploring Tempest BayLoved Dungeon ‘Storm Queen’.  Haven’t finished it yet, but really liked the new fight mechanics.


Questing. Finished Peledane and moving into SeratosFinally finished Exodus of the Storm QueenAll my crafting did get to 300 before launch (or close enough) and I’m happily crafting away.Enjoying playing with the new (and returning) guild members.Can’t wait to get into the next instances!

News from the Rift

Current Customer Support Wait Times


Return of HOUSE FLUFFINGTON – Corgi Rifts active on NA/EU Shards 11/22-11/25!

*Will not be on the new continents, in Mathosia only.  Use a life rift Lure to increase the chance of dropping a corgi rift!

Faeblight maintenance had the server down for an estimated 2 hrs on Monday, to increase memory, and reduce lag in game

Storm Legion Launch Trailer

Raptr Rewards: Free Goggles, Arbiter Helm, and more

Rift SOS

Getting Started with Dimensions – A Guide (Rift Junkies)


There are quests available in Sanctum and Meridian to get your first Dimension, Sanguine Shores, and a small amount of goodies to play with.  If you aren’t interested in a tutorial, you can purchase your dimension from the dimension vendor in Tempest Bay.  Keys to dimensions for purchase range from 50 plat to 1500 plat.  Once purchased, you click on your key skill to travel to your dimension.

Before you purchase your key, decide which one you want!  You can go into the dimensions menu, which is in the Social tab at the bottom of the screen, or by hitting the left square bracket button and view any public dimensions to see what they are like.  You can also search for a specific Dimension Zone, and only view different versions of one you are considering to get an idea of what has been placed, and what comes with it.

Make sure to select your Permissions right away, if you don’t want the public to have access, don’t check the public box.

Don’t buy too many supplies to begin with, until you have figured out how they work and what you want to build.

Take a thorough tour of what is available from NPS for purchase, and what recipes can be purchased for crafting, before hitting up the Auction House.
*Standard building items were for sale on the AH for 1plat or more, when they are purchasable at the Dimension Vendor for 10 gold.  Know your prices!

The Main Dimension Vendor is in Tempest Bay, in the wing where the crafting hub is.  Across the bridge there is also a decor vendor, and a building vendor, and up the street you will find three landscape vendors.

Note: anyone who has access to enter your dimension can upgrade it to allow more items to be placed, even if they don’t have permission to edit, place or pick up items.

All dimensions have a max number of items that can be placed within the Dimension.  The bigger and more expensive the Dimension, the more items can be used.  Plan ahead and bear your max in mind, as building large structures takes a huge amount of those items.

Some items require more than money to purchase.  ie: The Bartender requires 25 Lucky Coins,(lucky coins are collected by completing Artifact collections)

To remove an item you have placed, but no longer want, be very careful you have the correct item selected and click ‘Pick Up’ to return it to your bank.  You can very easily accidentally delete the wrong item, removing something that took a long time to size and place.  There are also some bugs on items not being returned to your bags, or the incorrect items deleting even when they weren’t selected, so go slow and keep an eye on things.

CTR D to duplicate an item (provided you have another in your bag) so you don’t have to resized multiple items.ESC will undo the last thing you didMulti-select: Shift Click to move or rotate multiple items all at once.

Community Report

First Look at New Upgradable Item System – Rift Junkies


Why do we lose exp when people tag our mob? (Pricia in the Forums)

Hey guys,
I want to clarify how the new tagging system works with some additional information –
With Storm Legion you’ll notice mobs are no longer “owned” and multiple players can contribute to the fight and get credit for quests as well as some XP.
What we realize is unclear is how that XP is divided so I wanted to take a minute to break it down.
As some of you’ve pointed out – XP is shared for the monster, in fact it works exactly as if you grouped together.
Now when a monster is killed it divides its base XP & coin along with a group bonus among those who contributed towards the kill.
We do feel removing tagging is a step in the right direction – but like any new feature we absolutely appreciate your feedback as we observe how it impacts your experience.

Thanks all (Elrar)

Best Quest EVER in the expansion. (Asaomar on the forums)

Go to the Hiberna Rainforest section of the map(Cape Jule), find a Hiberna Tree Frog, they are lv 50, non aggressive and all over the place out there. /lick the frog. Your screen turns all trippy and you get a quest to lick 8 of them lol. Best quest I’ve done hands down in this game.

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Dusken 71%
Brevane 29%

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What is your favorite addition from SL

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