Rift Universe Minimum standards for Dungeons… may need a revamp… I propose a test via Chronicle

Last night… I had a dude in my group… was selected as a full DPS not support or anything like that.

MAGE… not a cleric or a warrior where they get used to healing or tanking and can’t make the transition to DPS.

So we were curious… he had ONE soul build… only one…. which CAN be OK… but is rare.

It was Elementalist/Stormcaller… not Chloro or Archon or Dominator.

His DPS on single targets was between 67 and 200… and on multiple target pulls his Area of effect was landing him at 150-400… and 400 was RARE.

In a Tier 2 dungeon it is expected as a DPS that you do about 700+ DPS single target and 100+ on multiple target pulls… this is not a super high expectation for DPS… but even then I tend to give some people the benefit of the doubt… "Well they are about 500-600 single target… the other dudes are doing OK… we will be fine… no need to cause a ruckus"

But 67 to 200… OMG…

So first thing we did was have the support guy go full DPS…. that helped a TON on compensating… and then a few of us with mages tried to teach him a bit about his class.

We did 2 bosses in darkening deeps like this… after that 2nd boss I had to call an end to it… explaining the tank wasn’t supposed to do 2x-6x the DPS of the DPS team members on every single pull… and we had to kick the dude. To be honest… after I stopped and mentioned the DPS… I was not the one who started the kick vote… nor was it my fiancee… it was someone whom I had never met before that dungeon who was also running a parser.

Now… I don’t expect everyone to run a parser… or to know what their DPS is… but I expect you to know your role… AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT.

OK.. now I am going to fess up… I have a 4 year old son… will be 5 in June… He has a ranger/marksman.. in 2 weeks playing only on the days I have custody (and on weekdays I get him at 6 and he goes to bed at 8 and he has to eat dinner in there also)… he has made it to lvl 16.

So it’s definitely possible that dude got to 50 sucking that bad… because my son basically just hits one button… quick shot… he’s 4… and he’s in my group with his 9 year old sister and my fiancee… so it’s not like I have unleashed him on the world… he doesn’t even know how to join groups… if you see a Ranger doing crazy stuff in the woods… that might just be him…. but he can’t ruin the game for you… he can’t even read.. although I have removed the 2 kids from all chat channels and switched the chat tabs to combat only.

So I think he will one day make it to 50 if I pay for his acct (free trial stuff right now)… so just about anyone can…

So if you can do that… and 100 +focus or 100 +hit is not all that hard to get… what do you do to separate the bad players from the almost acceptable?

This is not just about him… it’s also about every "Hi this is my first attempt at tanking.. bear with me" group you have ever joined…. we have ALL been in them… and often they are less than fun.

Easy… a Chronicle… a SOLO chronicle… and you MUST PASS it as a role to queue as that "role" in a expert mode dungeon.

The chronicles should "test" your ability to do that role…

As an example… lets say a Caravan quest….. it’s a group of 4 people to protect the caravan… not 5.

SOLO… I can’t stress that enough… SOLO… the other 3 toons must be NPCs

TANK – You have to maintain aggro and absorb damage… while some archer or something in the caravan picks the mobs off one by one… and some NPC is healing you.

DPS – You are the archer or whatever in that caravan… no one is going to heal you except like Cadence heals from a bard in the caravan

Healer – you must heal the tank.. and only the tank… but then again since the DPS toon and tank toons are NPCs it would be safe to set ALL toons other than tank to generate ZERO aggro when there is a player in the role of healer… so no one really needs to heal the DPS or support toon.

Support – you must heal and buff the party other than the tank.

If you fail to pass the "trial of the caravan" or whatever you want to call it… you should not be allowed to do expert dungeons or raid as that role on that toon.

The Chronicle of Attunement or whatever the first Chronicle was called was mildly challenging when you first hit 50 in crappy gear… but it is truely a SOLO chronicle… it’s not testing your ability to work as part of a team… so it does not serve the same purpose… plus it’s not a requirement to pass that to enter expert mode dungeons etc.

This would help not just the crappy players… which apparently this dude was… but also the people who leveled up as a rogue DPS… and suddenly they are like "I want to try tanking" they have NO WAY of testing this skill currently without getting people upset with them…. I know on my cleric and my rogue I want to try tanking but I don’t want to subject people to my inexperience. I play a warrior tank as my main but it’s different to know your timings etc on when certain taunts are available again etc.

So since this would also be a way to learn how to handle a new role… and tanks are in short supply… you can FIX the dungeon queue issue of being so tank dependent by letting people learn how to tank in a "safe and friendly SOLO environment"

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

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