Rift Universe Mentoring as a tank for low level dungeons. where is my HP?

I enjoy running low level dungeons to help people out, but I’ve noticed that my HP is exceptionally low.
As a level 50 tank my hp is around 16k.

For instance, I did a normal kings breach just now, which dropped my level to 32 or so. My hp before mien of leadership was 2.8k, and after was 3k. The mobs in kings breach (the big trolls, the mathosian guards) hit me for up to 1k. i feel very squishy… I end up healing as much as the healers andhaving to cycle all my cooldowns on every trash pull.

The players i ran with all had as much or more hp then I did, and they were all 30-36.

Is this intentional?

on a side note, trinket and greater effects dont scale with mentor level. SHoE ends up healing more then the healer and myself combined.

also intentional?

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