Jultharin Kill Video

Jultharin is the second to last boss in Triumph of the Dragon Queen and it’s a fairly straight forward fight. You will need your entire raid to use their brain to defeat him (until you completely over gear it).

This fight only requires 1 tank. Any class will do. It would be great if the tank could also have an interrupt and take care of the fears.

There is quite some AOE damage going around in this fight, but nothing that a Warden and a Chloromancer can’t handle. Also use a Bard as support.

For the DPS it would be great if they could use a ranged spec. You need quite a bit of DPS for this fight so using a ranged spec that does poor DPS is not really an option (sorry warriors !).

Courtesy to Oria, we have our World First Jultharin kill on tape.

Cleric tank point of view.

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