Infinity Gate Guide

Infinity Gate is the first 20 man raid in the Tier 2 content of Storm Legion. This means you will need 500 hit and/or 500 toughness to be able to hit/tank the bosses. These bosses are going to drop Frozen Eclipse Stones, while the bosses in Endless Eclipse and Frozen Tempest will now drop Empyrean Slayer Marks.

The entrance to Infinity Gate is in Steppes of Infinity at 16917, 7497. The raid is more like an arena rather then an actual raid instance. 3 bosses will be summoned through the gate and you will fight them in the same area. But don’t be disappointed, Planebreaker Bastion will make it up for it ! The art inside it it’s amazing.

There are 3 bosses inside Infinity Gate. The good part about it is that there isn’t to much trash to clear. There are no mini bosses or events.

The first boss in Infinity Gate is Breaker X-1. Although you can choose to summon Mordan and Viktus as the first boss, Breaker X-1 is the easier out of the two. The fight takes longer then I would expect from a first boss, but I find it a fun fight and I think most guilds should be able to down Breaker X-1 without to much effort.

Breaker X-1 Strategy

Breaker X-1 Kill Video

After some annoying trash you get to fight the Life and Death bothers, Mordan and Viktus. The fight doesn’t have very complex mechanics, it mostly comes down to the raid leader making the right calls and the rest of the raid following the calls. Once you get some practice on the brothers you should be able to take them down easily.

Mordan and Viktus Strategy

Mordan and Viktus Kill Video

Once Breaker X-1, Mordan and Viktus are defeated you can summon Volan, the last boss in Infinity Gate. Volan is just as epic as he is in the Ashora zone event. Again, this fight comes down to making the right calls and having enough practice so everyone knows what they are doing and become comfortable with it.

Volan Strategy

Volan Kill Video

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