Grand Falconer Zoles Strategy

Grand Falconer Zoles is the first boss in the 10 man raid Triumph of the Dragon Queen.

Health: 12.800.000

Enrage timer: 6 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Must have ability: interrupt

2 tanks: any class can tank this boss.

2 healers: 1 chloro and 1 sent/puri will easily do the trick for this boss.

1 support: 1 bard.

5 dps: anything will do, this encounter doesn’t favor ranged or melee specs.

This is an easy fight and if the DPS squad has enough hit to pull decent numbers you won’t be having issues with this fight.


Lightning Sphere: 1.5 seconds cast time, targets a random raid member. Deals 60.000 damage on impact, can be shared with 8 other players, reducing the damage to 7.500. To easily deal with this mechanic just stack behind the boss at all times. Don’t be shy throwing the big purifier shields on everyone to avoid some of the damage.Energy Lash: 2 seconds cast, chains between 3 people, deals 4.000, 6.000 and 8.000 damage. Outheal it or spread out for it. In our previous tries we didn’t manage to spread out enough to make this ability hit only 1 player so it’s best to just remain stacked behind the boss and outheal it. The danger of this ability comes from the fact that it follows the Lightning Sphere damage, but if you have Purifier shields on the raid it won’t affect you.Healing debuff: every 20 seconds he will place a healing debuff on everyone standing in front of him. Reduces healing received by 10% per stack and lasts 29 seconds. This was supposed to be a tank swap mechanic I believe, but the stacks reset during his Leap Phase and 1 player can easily tank the boss for the entire encounter.Static Empowerment: 2 seconds cast, must be interrupted.Summon Skyscream: 10 seconds into the fight he will summon an add named Skyscream with 1.400.000 HP. Have the second tank pick it up and tank it on top of the boss so you can cleave it down (make sure he is not standing in front of the boss so he doesn’t get the healing debuff). This add will gain a stacking buff that increases damage done so at some point you will have to kill it. When the add is at 30% you will have to move it out of the raid and then DPS him down to 20%. At 20% it will explode (marked with a blue bubble) dealing 50.000 damage to anyone near it. 5 seconds after it explodes, the add will be reborn (damage stacks will reset) and you need to repeat the drill. Every time you kill a Skyscream, Zoles gains a stacking buff that increases his outgoing damage on all his attacks. This means that Lightning Sphere will hit harder and harder on the raid. People that don’t have full expert gear will probably start dying at the 3rd stack on the boss.Leap: every minute he will spawn 4 expanding purple areas around the room. You want to dodge them. Also after this phase is over you have to stack quickly behind him again because Lightning Sphere comes immediately. It’s best to just move as a group while avoid the purple zones.

The fight is easy and you should nail it down in a few tries. Good luck !

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