General Typhiria Strategy

General Typhiria is the last boss in Triumph of the Dragon Queen. If you found any of the previous bosses to be hard, they are nothing compared to her.

Health: 13.810.000

Enrage timer: 7 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Must have ability: none

1 tank: any class can tank her. Cleric tank would be advised for the extra combat ress.

3 healers: there is a lot of AOE damage going around in Phase 1 so you want to be able to cover that.

1 support: can be a Bard or a Tactician/Bard hybrid.

5 DPS: melee or ranged it doesn’t matter.

General Typhiria encounter is made out of 2 phases. In Phase 1 you will fight her in her human form and in Phase 2 she will transform into a dragon.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 General Typhiria will be in her human for and she will have 6.600.000 HP. To push her into Phase 2 you need to take her to 15%. Until then you will need to survive her evil abilities.


Lightning Surge: 2 seconds cast, chains between 3 people and deals 4.000 damage.Tempest of Agony: 10 seconds channel, deals 6.000 damage every 2 seconds.Storm Warden: 10 seconds into the fight she will summon a foothold (Storm Warden) with 1.000.000 HP and 2 adds (Storm Mistress) with 686.000 HP. 1 minute after she spawns the Storm Warden she will start AOEing your raid to death. To avoid this you need to kill the Storm Warden and pick up the protective blue orb. To kill the Storm Warden in time you will have to kill one of the Storm Mistress and then use the reactive ability you gain after killing the add on the Storm Warden twice. Be careful ! When a Storm Mistress is about to die she will explode (marked with a yellow bubble). Move out of it or die.Dark Clouds: 3 seconds cast, by the end of the cast you want to pick up the blue orb that spawned after you killed the Storm Warden and be inside the blue zone and at max range from the boss.Storm Blast: 2.5 seconds cast time, places a yellow death zone on a player. You must move out of it. After Dark Clouds she will spam Storm Blast for a minute before going back to what she was doing before that. To avoid this ability stand as far away from the boss as you can and on top of the player holding the blue orb. When you move out of it you want the entire raid to move in the same direction so everyone is still inside the blue zone. The effect of Storm Blast is sometimes bigger then the marked area so move as far as you can.

If your DPS is low you might have to repeat this sequence twice.

I know this probably sounds hard, but when you will see it for yourself you will know what I’m talking about.

Pull the boss in the middle of the room and burn her as much as you can. When the Storm Warden and the Mistress spawn bring them to the boss, mark 1 and kill her then use the reactive ability you gain on the Storm Warden to kill it. Don’t pick up the blue orb just yet, leave it there until she starts casting Dark Clouds. Keep on DPSing her down until them.

In this first minute she will cast Tempest of Agony twice so healers be ready to outheal that. Make sure you are standing in a safe spot if you are a healer. You don’t want to have to move from the adds exploding when you have to spam heal for Tempest of Agony.

When she casts Dark Clouds run to the orb, have someone pick it up (run on top of it), then move max range from the boss and stack on the person holding the orb. When the yellow band appears, everyone strafe in the direction you chose to avoid it. You will have to do this 5 times before this phase is over. After the orb phase ends she will cast Tempest of Agony so healers need to be prepared.

Phase 2

If you made it to Phase 2, congrats, you are now on the right path. I don’t think it’s possible to wipe in this phase. There is almost no damage going around and the only thing you have to worry about is running circles around the dragon to avoid the breath.

In this phase you will be fighting General Typhiria in her dragon form. She has 8.200.000 health and only 1 deadly ability.


Lightning Surge: 2 seconds cast, chains on 3 people, deals 4.000 damage.Whirlwind of Agony: 10 second channel, deals 800 damage every 2 seconds (I guess someone forgot to add a 0 or something to this ability).Blue circle: move away from it, it lifts you in the air.Storm Wardens: she will summon 2 Storm Wardens and 2 Storm Raiders. You can ignore them. If you do decide to kill them you will be rewarded with 4 blue orbs that increase your run speed for 20 seconds. Not worth bothering with them if you ask me.Dark Clouds: 3 seconds cast, marks the beginning of the “run circles around the dragon” phase.Typhiria’s Wrath: 2 seconds cast followed by a 40 seconds channel. She does a breath and spins counterclockwise. You have to run away from the breath. Use a run speed aura if you must, but you should be able to outrun the breath without any speed buffs. Also don’t get to close to her either. There will be a small green area around her. If you touch that area she will knock you back. She does this ability every minute.Unknown Bird add: there is a bird add spawning at some point during this fight as well. Just ignore it. If you kill it, it will explode (like on Falconer Zoles). Most of the times it ends up exploding while people are running circles to avoid the breath and results in undesired deaths.

This phase is really easy and you should be able to make it even if you do suffer casualties. Her enrage doesn’t do much, the only ability that will harm you is Lightning Surge and as long as you are spread out it will only kill 1 player at a time. As I said, if you make it through Phase 1 she is as good as dead.

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