Cyril Strategy

Cyril is the second boss in Triumph of the Dragon Queen 10 man raid and it’s a fairy simple fight.

Health: 13.600.000

Enrage timer: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Difficulty: easy

Must have ability: purge

2 tanks: anything will do.

2 healers: this fight only requires tank healing and you can easily do it with 1 healer. But the boss mind controls, so to be on the safe side I would suggest using 2 healers.

1 support: the almighty Bard to buff the raid.

5 DPS: on this fight it’s easier to be ranged, but melee also does fine.

Jump down into the room and go to the middle. Before you can engage Cyril he will roleplay for 30 seconds so you have time to position.


Glimpse of Insanity: 3 seconds channel, applies 1 stack of Insanity each second to anyone standing in front of the boss. Each stack reduces the health of a player by 10%. This is the tank swap mechanic. Tanks should taunt off each other after 2 casts of Glimpse of Insanity.Crushing Burden: 2 seconds cast, deals 26.000 damage around the boss. Tanks can use a cooldown to soak this ability and melee needs to move out. Once upon a time this damage used to be shared to everyone being in melee range (like a meteor type attack) but I can’t guarantee 100% that that’s still the case.Mien of Supremacy: 2 seconds cast, buffs himself with Mien of Supremacy which increases his outgoing damage. Purge it.Inevitable Judgement: 2.5 second cast, knock everyone back and roots them in place for 2 seconds.Temple’s Wrath: 2 seconds cast followed by a 10 seconds channel. Makes the pillars around the room spew fire. Come right after Inevitable Judgement. If you got knocked back you need to run back into the inner circle. The best way to avoid this mechanic is to stand with your back to one of the broken tables, then you can just ignore this ability because you will never get knocked far enough to be affected by the fire.Mind control: every 30 seconds he will summon a Puppet Master with 150.000 health which will mind control a player. Kill it fast.

Here it is, the great Cyril in his 10 man boss form, being … not so great.

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