Unicornalia Returns July 24 – 30!


Two months ago, refugee Unicorns from the Plane of Life sought shelter in Telara. Now they’ve returned in need of your assistance again! Find the PRI representatives in your capital city to discover how you can help.

Now through July 30, Onyx Unicorn mounts can be acquired from Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves, which you can get on the RIFT Store, as rare drops from the “Hooves and Horns” zone event in Moonshade Highlands, or for completing the achievement “A Rainbow in the Dark.” Opal Unicorn mounts can be purchased with Sparkle Essences you can get from Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves or by completing Unicornalia daily quests in Sanctum and Meridian!


Full Playlist of All Summoner’s Rift Visual Update Changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yQkojSQNJs&list=PLrefYyk9GMBSTeDR94q2TbogC1eWc04tY&index=7 http:…