Trion Worlds Plays Extra Life


Trion Worlds is gearing up for the Extra Life charity gaming marathon and aiming to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever before. The fun starts today as we kick off our fundraising for children’s hospitals and begin preparations for November 2, when we’ll come together for 25 hours of non-stop live gaming to benefit those in need across the country.

Join the Trion Worlds team now or Donate to Extra Life!

Whether you join the Trion Worlds team, donate to the cause, watch our marathon live stream, or game with us in Defiance and RIFT, we’ll be there with you the entire time – with new tricks up our sleeves and special rewards to give away before and during the big event! Here’s a rundown of just some of the cool stuff we have planned:

We’ll have special Defiance and RIFT events all weekend.

We’ll be revealing more details on all the particulars in a couple weeks, but if you like rare loot and boosts, you’ll like what we have planned. Oh, and Corgi Rifts will be back in force.

We’ll be granting unique titles to Extra Life gamers.

Everyone who participates will receive the title “The Charitable”, and players who clock 25 hours of game time in Defiance and/or RIFT over the weekend will receive an additional unique in-game title.

  • First time at Extra Life? You’ll become “The Sleepless”
  • Joining us for a second time? You can rock “The Insomniac”
  • This your third year gaming with Trion?  “The Committed” is our new title for 2013

We’re rewarding folks who help us hit our team goal.

Trion Worlds team members who hit fundraising milestones starting at $ 25 will receive in-game goodies in both RIFT and Defiance as special thanks for helping out with this awesome cause.

We’ve got sweet loot for donors, too.

Want to help a good cause, but not up for 25 hours of straight gaming? Fear not! The Trion Worlds team is taking donations. Over the next few weeks (and during the event) we’ll add more in-game rewards for participants. We’ll also be distributing prizes to top donors during the event, live on the stream.

Come game with Trion on November 2nd.

Elizabeth “dahanese” Tobey, Greg “OverloadUT” Laabs, and Deb “Morgana” Davis will be streaming Defiance and RIFT throughout the marathon on the official Trion Worlds Twitch channel. The team will also be taking suggestions on other games to play: anyone for a 3 AM Spelunky co-op run?

Can’t wait? Plan your Extra Life marathon now by registering with the Trion Worlds team or as an individual participant (but really – we’d love to have you!) and prepare to game, hang out, have a ton of fun, and raise money for a great cause.


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