This Week’s Friday Livestream Starts at 10:30am PST


Join us tomorrow for another Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Trion Worlds! The show will start at 10:30 AM PST (in a different time zone? Use our handy world clock!) Here’s the full schedule of events:

10:30 AM PST: Greg and Elizabeth will be exploring this week’s Gift of the Fae: the brand new chronicle Planebreaker Bastion Aftermath.


11:15 AM PST: We’ll be joined by Courtland from the Trove dev team to talk about what’s new in Trove, including the much-anticipated Cornerstones!


12:45 PM PST: The Arkbreaker DLC is here, so we’ll be playing on our European servers to see if we can take down the Volge Warmaster!


Heads-up! Next week’s Friday stream (12/20) will return to our regular 1:30pm PST time, and will be our final livestream of the year.


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