The last phase of Mayhem in Mathosia has begun


The final stage of Mayhem in Mathosia is upon us! Today and tomorrow, the war will be waged in Moonshade Highlands and the Droughtlands. Those who choose to fight will have a chance to earn the following loot:

  • Luxurious Cape
  • Alchemist’s Spaulders
  • Prowler’s Cowl
  • Stitched Leather Helm
  • Lesser Experience Vial
  • Lesser Token Tablet
  • Droughtlands Spire (dimension item)
  • Death Spine (dimension item)
  • Sapphire Ki Rin Mount
  • Lavender Hellbug Mount
  • Cindy Hellbug Pet
  • Asterid Hellbug Pet
  • Sharpened Pitchfork (vanity item)

Memories During Mayhem

AR “Pithos” Schleicher, Lead Engineer

I’ve had great times playing RIFT ever since beta. At launch, I raced to 50 – it took me just over 3 days, 7 hours played time to get there (done over 4 days, 7 hours!). While I could go on and on about those first few months, here are three experiences that stand out – and that I was lucky enough to get on tape.

RIFT Beta – Emberlord Ereetu in Fall of Lantern Hook

The RIFT Beta took place over a series of weeks and weekends. These limited-duration events all had level caps, with the final beta allowing players to level up to 42. This was back before the Looking for Group tool – players had to find dungeons on their own, and some friends had discovered that there was a dungeon in Lantern Hook. Swim to the bottom of the water and off you go!

Of course, while it let us in at 42 (or in my case, 41), with all the enemies being level 42, this wasn’t an easy trip. After much adventuring, though, we reached the final boss: Emberlord Ereetu. This was not an easy fight, what with fiery crystals filling up the room, his cleave, and huge amounts of tank damage – we just couldn’t beat him. What to do?

Well, we came up with the clever idea of a kite strategy. See, Ereetu wouldn’t cast his ground crystals if he wasn’t in melee range of a tank – all we needed to do was make a tank-spec Rogue that could keep aggro while at range. So our Bard turned on the speed, and our Rogue tank got out his bow, and we ended up with this.

RIFT Live – The First Water Raid Rift?

Ah, Raid Rifts. Even the new ones from Storm Legion are trivial for endgame players these days, but back when RIFT launched, Raid Rifts were not quite so easy. The day they went live, we were off to Iron Pine Peak to try out the water one. It was a long and difficult fight, and on phase 4, we literally went down to the final second before killing the boss and moving on to the next phase! In the end though, success was ours, along with a bunch of server first discoveries, as you can see here.

RIFT Live – My First Dragon Kill – Lord Greenscale!

Giants, mechs, architects, and golems are all great enemies, but the first time I killed Lord Greenscale, the dragon from the Plane of Life, is an experience I won’t forget. This wasn’t an easy fight, and it took many, many tries to get it right. I still remember members shouting about plants being everywhere or calling out “don’t cleanse, don’t cleanse!”

I didn’t record the entire fight, but as we got near the end – with so many people alive and Greenscale’s health dwindling – I quickly hit the record button and got ready to hear the sweet, sweet chimes of the server-first kill broadcast that you too can hear below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short trip down memory lane. I know I have!


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