The Dream Destination Celebration Contest is Now Live– Win Credits and More!

Fae Yule is on the horizon, and with that festive season comes celebrations! Rift Dream Dimensions is hosting an amazing dimensions contest with fabulous prizes: titles, tons of Credits, and the chance to win a dimension item named after your character!

What do you have to do?

Make a dimension that embodies the spirit of celebration — a place to host a party to end all parties!

The contest begins TODAY at Rift Dream Dimensions, and runs till January 3rd. Visit their site to view the details on how to enter!

Rift Dream Dimensions will select the finalists after the contest ends on January 3rd. The top 10 finalists will be featured in a video on her site on January 12th, and the top 3 finalists will be released on January 15th!

On January 17th, we’ll feature the top 3 on a livestream at where players will be able to pick their favourite party themed dimension.

Prizes for RIFT Dream Dimension’s “Dream Destination Celebration” contest are:

  • 1st Prize : 15,000 RIFT Store Credits, Pack of Fireworks, Crate of Dimension Items, and  a copy of the Hailol Wine Fountain that has been named after YOUR character!
  • 2nd Prize: 10,000 RIFT Store Credits, one Hailol Wine Fountain, Pack of Fireworks, Crate of Dimensions Items
  • 3rd Prize: 5,000 RIFT Store Credits, Pack of Fireworks, Crate of Dimensions Items
  • Top 10 finalists: The title “The Party Animal”
  • All Participants: The title “The Decorator”

Good luck, Ascended! May you create the biggest party haven in all of Telara!


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