Set Sail for the Planes: RIFT 3.0 launches Oct. 8!


The RIFT Nightmare Tide™ expansion is bearing down on Telara, with launch targeted for Oct. 8!

Setting sail for the Plane of Water – the beginning of an adventure that’s been years in the making – is your first chance to come face to face with worlds (and terrors) that loom even larger than the Blood Storm gods. And with the Plane of Water to explore, 5 new levels to gain, Minions, Masteries, and much, much more, Nightmare Tide is set to unleash an ocean of content for new and veteran players alike!

For more info on 3.0, stay tuned to our Nightmare Tide page, Community Blog, Twitter, and Facebook. We’ll be adding new information on a weekly basis, allowing you to explore the murky depths in all of their vastness. And don’t forget our live streams: exciting previews and interviews are on the way!


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